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FAILED Black Leadership in Baltimore!

Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake is just like most Black elite who idly sit back and watch poor Blacks they claim to represent destroy their communities and ultimately themselves. Not only did she sit back and watch the freak show, she and others knew it was going to happen via social media but her miscalculations caused over 200 people to be arrested and over 20 cops injured.

The Baltimore police department is the 8th largest police department in the United States yet they were docile as teenage mutant ninja turtles ran the city under absolute anarchy.

Baltimore is a microcosm of poverty, poor public policy and failed Black leadership. How many times the Black elite drove pass poor Black communities and didn't stop? Now all of a sudden you're at our funerals for photo opts. The Black elite who oftentimes serve as social, educational, religious and political leaders in poor Black communities has failed those communities in epic proportions. They are just as guilty as the rogue cops who kill unarmed Blacks.

Didn't you learn from the PLANtation? Field slaves don't listen too or respect house niggas! For decades the Black elite has received funds from the White man to better Black communities yet our Black leaders have stolen from us and left our communities to resemble war torn 3rd world countries. Consider this, the city of Baltimore has a Black mayor and a Black city council yet 60% of the city lives in poverty.

This isn't solely about police brutality, but also failed Black leadership of the Talented 10th! The people of Baltimore, Chicago, Los Angeles, Florida, New York, Ferguson, etc., won't listen to pastors in the ghetto with multimillion dollar worship facilities but no economical apparatuses. 

Rev. Jamal Bryant pastor of Empowerment Temple AME church boast a membership of 7,500 and 35,000 followers worldwide yet no economic development. Why not ask your 35,000 followers to give $100 which would equal $3,500,000 for economical development? Building social institutions like schools, day care centers and youth centers are good but doesn't directly address poverty.

But all we see are photo opts and grandstanding from the Black elite embarrassed by the fact the actions of the rioters proves their voices carry no weight among Black teens or the Bloods, Crips, and Black Gorilla Family. Why? Because the Black elite love to attend high profile funerals of the Black poor but don't give a rat's ass about living at-risk Black youth.

Gov. Larry Hogan fails to understand the resources he's going to allocate will be mismanaged, misappropriated and stolen by the "supposed" Black leaders he and others think can control the raw emotions of poor Black folks.

If you sincerely want to effect change in ghettos like Baltimore you should probably target the people. Find a way to directly and financially impact the daily lives of the Black poor in a way that doesn't fully give control to Black leadership whose mentality is "you're my color, but not my kind!"

The only voices the rioters are listening to is their momma because momma is the only one looking out for their survival. After Rev. Jesse Jackson, Rev. Al Sharpton, and Rev. Jamal Bryant of whom I respect finish TALKING and taking PICTURES the poverty, disenfranchisement and polarization suffered by the hands of the Black elite will continue as usual.

Jim Allen, Minister