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Pastors REBUILDING Chicago's Hoods!


Community Advocacy Research Economics is looking for 10 Pastors who will take on the task of economically revitalizing Chicago. We already have a basic, simple yet solid plan. Our goal is for 10 very influential pastors in Chicago to unite and humbly ask their members and all that follow them on social media to sow a seed of $100 for the purpose of buying franchises and building businesses on the South and West Sides of Chicago. 

We're trying to reach 100,000 church members per quarter in donating $100 equaling a total of 10,000,000 dollars per quarter. Each quarter we'll build a business on both sides of town. This way both sides of town are equally benefiting. Of course we will setup a website for members to donate. This project will have a lawyer and an accountant for legal purposes. 

I've already put this project-idea on social media and many are excited to be a part of something so great. Please contact me if you are a pastor in Chicago and you're interested. Also follow C.A.R.E. on facebook by clicking the below link:

Jim Allen, Minister