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Ballard Funeral Service (Serving) Illinois!

In times of sorrow and pain you need a funeral service company that's not only sensitive to the needs of your family but also reasonable in pricing as well. Ballard Funeral Service offers just that. The staff at Ballard Funeral Service are patient, understanding, well trained and professional in all aspects of the funeral business. Every family is treated with dignity and respect in their time of bereavement by the staff of Ballard Funeral Service.

Ballard Funeral Service is headed by Denesha Ballard a Chicagoan. She attended and graduated from Luther High School and Worsham College with a degree in Mortuary Science. Ballard Funeral Service is African-American owned and operated. When creating the vision for Ballard Funeral Service, Ms. Ballard wanted to make sure Ballard Funeral Service was not just another ordinary funeral service which is why their packaging relative to prices are less than most funeral services yet their services are top notch. 

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"At Ballard Funeral Service we embrace the importance, individuality and richness of each person's life. Not only is it our goal to meet the expectations of families whom have trusted us with carrying out the selected funeral arrangements of those dear to them but we strive to make it a momentous occasion. We seek a greater way to provide a meaningful celebration of lives well lived" - Denesha Ballard, President 

I highly recommend Ballard Funeral Service for all your funeral needs. Give your loved one the best you can give by entrusting Ballard Funeral Service. With a starting price of only $5,000 Ballard Funeral Service can provide your loved one and your family a proper and decent service, trust'll be glad you called Ballard Funeral Service. Be sure to follow Ballard Funeral Service on facebook. Please click below link:

Written By:
Jim Allen