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The BAD Attending Doctor!

An Attending in layman's terms is a senior doctor who's over Resident Doctors. The Attending is suppose to supervise Resident Doctors and teach them as well, yet we're hearing from Resident Doctors around the Country, advising us their Attendings' are mean, arrogant, and downright disrespectful.

We've heard stories of Attendings mentally abusing Resident Doctors by embarrassing them in front of patients. Can you imagine as a patient hearing a Senior Doctor i.e. Attending cursing out and screaming at a Resident Doctor in front of you while surgery is going on?!

I've spoken with Resident Doctors who are clinically depressed, nerves are shot, anxious, and every other bad thing you can imagine. The fact that an Attending can pass or fail a Resident Doctor relative to rotations also make it hard on Resident Doctors as well.

"...and then there's the RACIST Attending who treats black Resident Doctors (male and female) like total crap!"

I've spoken with Resident Doctors who've had sex with their Attending to pass rotation. I've spoken with Resident Doctors who are chronically sexually harassed by their Attending. They don't report it for fear of being an outcast or failing rotation.

"...are you a BAD Attending? Do you get a kick out of degrading Resident Doctors in front of patients? Do you get a kick out of making Resident Doctors cry under your iron hand of mental oppression? Indeed you are sicker than your patients!" 

It's absolutely disgusting! We send our children to school to become doctors because doctors heal people and make people better so we think...only to find out our children are going through hell trying to be a doctor of integrity.

"How can a mentally sick doctor 
focus on healing a dying patient?" 

The medical system is extremely broken. Something must be done! I think if doctors had a union or some other type of outside advocacy agency things would be a lot different. Sure, we all know rookies must pay dues but this is beyond paying dues! This is total abuse and it's criminal!

Tha Movement University will continue to stand with Medical Students and Resident Doctors. We will remain their voice!

Click below links about the crisis in the American medical field:

Pastor Jim Allen