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Spirit Science: Flourishing!

Spirituality and science have always been one since the beginning of creation. An invisible spirit-being (God) created a material world. The Bible says "the Earth is the LORDS!" You cannot divorce the spiritual from the physical, it's not a this or's plural.

Just as the mind has been medically proven to be conscious after physical death, so does the invisible world and physical world depend on each other. They're interdependent (not) independent!

For this reason there should be no separation of science and spirituality. Or of medicine and ministry. Both belong to God! Those who are in the medical field and administer medicine and take care of patients are God's ministers on earth in the physical realm, just as ministers of the clergy are God's servants on earth in the spiritual realm!

Medicine comes from God's earth! Many of the medicines developed in the last century were derived from naturally occurring molecules (natural products) found in sources including: Plants, bacteria, and fungi. All created by God (Genesis 1:29).

Without God supplying the earth with natural resources, chemists couldn't be able to process plants, bacteria, and fungi to extract medicine.

Historically, medicines were administered in the form of herbal concoctions and many traditional medicines continue to be taken this way. As science advanced, chemists were able to extract the active ingredients from natural sources to make more potent medicines.
For example, asprin (acetylsalicylic acid) was discovered from the WILLOW TREE, the bark of which was used in traditional herbal remedies.

When Doctors, Nurses, Chemists, Pharmacists, etc., see themselves as healers and ministers of God, doing His work on earth for sick patients is when healthcare will truly treat the physical as well as the human spirit.

To all you Medical Students, Resident Doctors, Attendings...don't lose your sensitivity, human touch, and spiritual compass. Remember, not only are you doing a job, but you're providing a ministry. Allow God to use your mind, intellect, and hands to bring physical and spiritual healing. Respect your oath to your profession. Most of all, respect the breath of life that is within every patient you come into contact with.
Dr. Jim Allen,