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The Oneness of God

No (one) religion has the full revelation of God. All the religions combined don't have the full revelation of God.

All the names (Jehovah, Elohim, Yahweh, Allah, Amen-RA, Vishnu) etc., given to God by men can't express the true name of God.

All religions are but narrow paths seeking the LI/G\HT of God's divinity. When the world is at peace and when there is global religious tolerance is when the fullness of God will be revealed.

The fullness of God is intertwined within the oneness of humanity. As long as racism and sectarian violence is allowed due to ignorance or misguided zealots, the fullness of God's tranquility cannot rest upon the earth.

The Torah, Bible, Koran, Kemetic Papyrus, etc., combined is but 1° of knowledge of the science and spirituality of God's true nature within the universe He created.

No man has the Godly right to enslave and/or kill another because of religious belief. The oneness of religion has the ability to change the direction of governments and spirituality as we know it.  

Dr. Jim Allen