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Pluralism, Tolerance, Diversity: HEALING!

The world is moving towards pluralism and diversity, which is what's needed. The time of endless wars and global famine must come to an end or else the WATCHERS will visit earth and enact strict justice, which is why we're seeing so many alien life-form manifestations in space.

All religions lead to the divine; however, the actions of those in power have used religion too rape, enslave and murder. This is a violation in the earth and spirit realms. Religion has been misused for political purposes as well. When religion is misused for political purposes we create ungodly wars!

When we allow tolerance, pluralism and diversity to be taught is when the earth will heal. The world will receive a tremendous abundance of physical blessings. The earth will open her vaginal chakra and yield a worldwide harvest.

The earth/world must heal of sectarian violence and racism. When this happens we'll also see economical trade open up. The world will truly become ONE!

"Racism is a disease created by humans. Because of slavery 'ancient and modern' this disease is inside all of us. In various Countries, we're breed to be racist. The only cure is too teach a new way of thinking! Tolerance, pluralism, diversity is our only way out"

All of our prophecies of doom and gloom has clouded our judgement as many (religious zealots) are in a rush to literally fulfill metaphysical prophecies. The age of the religious zealot has ended. This is an age of tolerance, pluralism, diversity and unity.

This is an age of peace and economical prosperity. Our jobs as Ministers, Imams, Pastors, Rabbis, Metaphysicians, Spiritual Advisors, etc., is too usher in the aforementioned age!

Our theological seminaries must teach tolerance, pluralism, and diversity. Of course this doesn't mean we must murge religious beliefs, but rather respect the religious beliefs of others too the degree enslavement, murder and rape because of one's religious belief becomes unacceptable.
 I applaud Harvard Divinity School for taking a sincere interest in this didactic work. It's time for world leaders and healers to shift us into a new direction and destination.

Dr. Jim Allen, DD
Theological Metaphysical
Research Society