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Dear Trick Daddy...

Dear Trick Daddy,

Your recent disparaging comments do not reflect the sentiments of ALL black men in America as it relates to our beautiful black sisters.

Trick Daddy you speak for the type of black men who doesn't know true black culture or history, nor the amazing contributions black women in America have and continue to make.

Trick Daddy you speak for deadbeat fathers, losers, and women abusers.

What you fail to understand is black female business is up 322%! In fact black women have the most doctorate degrees and undergrad degrees in the United States of America, making them the most educated group!

While black men like you Trick Daddy were rapping about violence and going back and forth to jail, black women were busy educating themselves and starting businesses.

Trick Daddy you're nothing more than a symbol of ignorant bliss for men who have 4, 5, 6 different baby mommas and working on the 7th!

Men who listen to you Trick Daddy also enjoy going back and forth to prison to hang with their buddies. They are the type of men who steal credit cards and offer people discount gas at the gas station.

Trick Daddy how would you feel if black women said "Sisters' we need to look at white and brown men because black men keep going to prison, making babies and not taking care of them, dropping out of high school, are unemployed at the highest rates among all racial groups!"

Wouldn't that statement piss you off?! This is why you can't generalize and marginalize people!

Men who listen to you Trick Daddy live house to house, are lazy and sit around waiting for their girlfriend's income tax refund. Trick Daddy you are a JOKE and should apologize to all black women for your stupid, uninformed comments!

Dr. Jim Allen,
Vineyard Chicago