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Black Men & White Women

Interracial marriage became legal nationwide in 1967 "Loving vs Virginia" case that went before the U.S. Supreme Court. Thus interracial marriage is fairly a new in the United States of America. There's an incredible phenomenon of rich black men marrying white women. We've all seen it and we all know of it. The question is why?

Are white women better than black women? What's the fascination? For one, white women aren't better than black women and vice versa. For two there's no fascination or mystique! As someone who's worked in sports and worked with NBA players, I'd say the issue is more so cultural than personal.

Cultural as in most (not all) black women are raised seeing their mothers do everything. Most black women are raised without a father in the household. Most black women are raised to be strong and to take care of themselves. Most black women are raised to pay their own bills because they've seen their mothers do it time and time again.

Most (not all) white women are raised differently. Most white women are raised seeing a man in the house. Most white women are raised to be dependent on a man. Most white women are raised to be the weaker vessel in a relationship. Most are raised to be docile.

In essence rich black men (not all) choose white women because they i.e. white women are mistakenly viewed as socially weak, docile, and easily controlled when in a relationship. Black men (not all) in these cases find it more convenient to be with a white woman than a black woman.
In 2013 (25% of black men 
married outside their race). 
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A black woman isn't easily controlled or manipulated. She's not going to stand for certain things. She's taught to be strong and to hold her own with or without a man. In most cases black women are the way they are because of their fathers. Their fathers deserted them which in turn caused momma to take on both gender roles.
In most cases (not all) just because rich black men choose white women over black women doesn't mean white women are better. It means white women are viewed as naive, easily to control and weak. You must understand to a rich black man who's making millions of dollars playing sports, it's all about his ego. I mean...these guys are in perfect shape, look like action figures, make great money and play ball all around the country. In their minds they are God's gift to humanity.

They need a woman who's willing to go along with the program. Don't question their whereabouts, don't talk back as much, just shut up and make their lives easy because after all the universe revolves around them. In their minds a white woman fits the description. These type of black men know a black woman isn't going to subscribe to their demands on that level. But even when these type of rich black men choose white women, they still cheat with other women, so there's really no prize or reward.

While it maybe fun and convenient, being with someone you can easily manipulate can be dangerous. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. This is why powerful men like Tiger Woods are able to screw so many women and get away with it. Their wives don't challenge them or ask their whereabouts. Those men are pretty much free agents.

Telling a man "No, you're not going out every night. "No, I'm not performing oral sex every night!" "No, you can't do whatever you want in this relationship". That type of challenge is what builds character in a man. It makes a man respect a woman that will stand up for herself and her dignity.

"...It's more so an issue of 
control. One is perceived as 
easy to control. The other isn't!"

Should black women be more submissive, easily controlled, easily manipulated? Of course not! But stop thinking there's something wrong with you...there isn't! The real truth is there's something wrong with a man who would rather be with a woman he thinks he can control over a woman who would challenge him.

- Dr. Jim Allen