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Chicago: Democrats, Vice Lords and Disciples.

For the last 30 years Chicago 
has been ran by Democrats.

* Harold Washington (first Black Mayor of Chicago) 1983 - 1987. 
* David D. Orr (1987) Interim Mayor. 
* Eugene Sawyer (Chicago's second Black Mayor) 
1987 - 1989 appointed by city council after the death 
of Harold Washington. 
* Richard M. Daley (1989 - 2011) served as Mayor for 22 years.
* Rahm Emanuel (2011 - PRESENT)

Chicago has been ran by democrat Mayors' and Aldermen for the last 30 years and the results for the African American community has been higher property taxes, increased drug infestation, gang violence, poverty, failing schools and murder. In October 2016, Chicago had 78 murders and 353 shootings...yes, in one month!

The Chicago Police Department remains under investigation of the Department of Justice relative to police brutality cases. Chicago cops have also been found guilty of working with and for various Chicago street gangs. Here's a chronological look:

* 1972 - 1991 Jon Burge and several Chicago police officers tortured innocent African American men into false confessions. Many of those men were put on death roll and locked up for life! Some served over 30 years before they were finally found not guilty.
* 1980's Chicago police officers worked with drug lords in the Marquette community on Chicago's Southside. A 24 hour drug operation is allowed to flow as drug lords bribe and pay off cops. Google: Marquette 10 Chicago. 
* 1990's Chicago police officers work hand in hand with gang members and drug lords on Chicago's Westside. The cops are paid bribes to shake down rival gangs. Google: AUSTIN 7 Chicago. 
* 2000's Chicago police officers arrested for working with the Latin Kings Street Gang. Chicago cops on different occassions demanded bribes from drug dealers in housing projects. Click link:

How is it the African American community in Chicago remains disenfranchised after 30 years of democrat rule?! What's going on? Why do African Americans in Chicago and other poor inner cities continue to support democrats? 

The answer is because democrats are go at delivering SOCIAL WELFARE FOOD STAMP PROGRAMS. Hear me out...this isn't to shame and/or condemn anyone on public assistance! This is to wake those on public assistance up! 

I've learned that not only do democrats fail to create JOBS for poor African American communities, they don't won't nor know how to create jobs at all. The only thing democrats know how to do is push for social welfare food stamp programs because these programs keep the poor dependent on democrats, meanwhile poor and disenfranchised African Americans continue to vote for democrats 80% - 90% in local and national elections!

Democrats thrive off of poverty! They thrive off of social welfare food stamp programs. This is how they stay getting elected term after term. They don't want you to work because then you'll see all the taxes they take out of your check and the many taxes you pay for everything sometimes 5 to 10 times a day. 

Democrats don't want you to prosper! They don't want you to make $500 - $800 a week, they're fine with you receiving $200 in cash and $500 in food stamps a month from the government! Democrats are fine with you being on social welfare food stamp programs all your life! They hope and pray you never wake up and seek better for yourself and your family. 

In Chicago we're taxed for everything we buy, every time! You buy groceries, tax! You buy clothes, tax! You buy furniture, tax! You buy food from the restaurant, tax! Every time you buy something in Chicago you are being taxed at a high rate! 

All of these taxes yet the African American community in Chicago and around the country looks like a third world ghetto. The taxes are so bad in Chicago to the point many including myself buy food and gas from Indiana (a Republican state)!

For decades democrats have told African Americans "The republicans are only for the rich. The republican party is only for White folks!" I've come to learn that's a lie straight from Benghazi! It took a brother by the name of Lenny McAllister ( to open my mind years ago about the republican party! I'm so glad he did.

"...Black men in Chicago are begging for jobs, but the democrats keep responding with more social welfare food stamp programs, which is causing more and more Black men to turn to crime to feed themselves and their families!" 

Honestly, I've created more jobs than most elected officials in Chicago. I have many at-risk youth working in my program which pays $10 - $15 an hour, click link:

Is it hard to create jobs? YES! However, it's worth it! How can one feel like a man if he doesn't have a job to feed his family?! The democratic party has failed the Black man in Chicago and around the country! It's shameful and painful to see on average 30 killed and 300 shot every month in Chicago. 

Children and senior citizens are being killed in democrat Chicago! There's no plan to help the Vice Lords, Disciples, Black P Stones, Latin Kings, etc., reintegrate back into mainstream society. No plan by democrats in Chicago to employ them as well!  

Hopefully President-elect Donald J. Trump's "NEW DEAL FOR BLACK AMERICA" click link: will help Black men in Chicago and other urban communities get their dignity and families back...the democrats sure in hell aren't gonna do it! 

-Dr. Jim Allen