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Defending the Bible 101

Defending the Bible 101 

First, it's highly important you understand the Bible is a collection of religious books from various time periods written by various people, spanning thousands and hundreds of years. Yes, there are other religious books/texts outside of the Bible that are congruent with the Bible and secular history. Everything Jesus said and did isn't recorded in the Bible (John 21:25). The Bible has been misrepresented by many for political and financial gain. A modern example can be found in the United States of America, where the Bible was misrepresented and misused to support the inhumane institution of slavery. In fact, concerning slavery the Bible states: And he that stealeth a man, and selleth him, or if he be found in his hand, he shall surely be put to death (Exodus 21:16). One of the problems with those who try to interpret the Bible but have no formal education of Biblical history, is the elemental mistake of not understanding the original text before it was translated into the King James Version of Old English, which is an inferior language developed in the 5th century. The Bible was originally written in Hebrew (Old Testament) and (Aramaic and Greek) New Testament. Thus sometimes where the English word read SLAVE, in its original and historic meaning it could mean SERVANT (someone who is a paid helper /or/ someone working to pay off a debt), this has been the case in many Biblical passages. The Bible as a living breathing document never supported the atrocities of African (diaspora) or African American slavery! The false idea the White man invented the Bible is as false as Hitler is in heaven eating sushi and drinking sake. Yes, King James published the Bible (1604 - 1611) however, all he did was translate the original text of various religious texts, passages and books into the English language. That's it! No book in the Bible was ever written by a White man! Second, the White English-speaking Anglo Saxon formed as a race in 5AD! Biblical texts were in Ethiopia in 1AD! In fact, Ethiopia is the first official Christian nation! Third, Jesus was a brown-skin Palestinian-Jew! 

Quick Facts:
* Jesus was not European, Greek, Roman, or White English-speaking Anglo Saxon. He was a brown-skin Palestinian Jew
(Matthew 27:37).

* Christianity was in Africa (Egypt 42AD) and Ethiopia (1AD) and the Levant (Acts 8:27).

* Christianity was in Africa 470 years before the birth of the prophet Muhammad "peace be upon him". 

* Christianity was in Africa 400 years before the formation of the White English-speaking Anglo Saxon formed as a race in 5AD!

* Christianity was in Africa 200 years before Constantine and his Roman Catholic Church! 

* Christianity was in Africa 1500 years before the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade!

Above is an image of what the 
real Jesus may have looked like!

During the New Testament including the times of Christ, the only people in the region were: Africans, Arabs, Greeks and Romans...the White English-speaking Anglo Saxon didn't exist as a race of people! Those are the Biblical and historical facts. Remember, the White English-speaking Anglo Saxon became a race of people of various Germanic tribes in 5AD, they were the ones who finally defeated the Romans and pushed them out of Britain. 

It's also important you understand the words Ethiopia and Egypt are Greek words. Ethiopia in Greek means land of black faces. Egypt in Greek means land of bondage. When the Bible speaks of Egypt and Ethiopia it's actually speaking of greater territory than we see on our modern maps. In many places the land we call Africa was also called: Cush (which means Black or country of burnt faces) and Kemet (which means land of Blacks). 

With this brief but important history I hope it challenges you to read and study more! Stop allowing so-called "conscious" people to tell you - your religion was created by the slave master! That's a lie and a propaganda tool used to covert Christians into other religions! Don't fall for it! Stay awake!   -Dr. Jim Allen