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Is Suicide A SIN?

Is suicide an unforgivable sin? In fact there are no clear cut answers on whether or not suicide is an unforgivable sin. Nor is there Biblical proof that suicide is murder in the first degree. I use the wording "murder in the first degree" because my mind slips me of a better analogy. 

Suicide is indeed the ending of one's life by said person. But are there other ways of committing suicide? For example are the words "DO NOT RESUSCITATE" a form of verbal suicide? Is remaining in a relationship or marriage that's gone south...a slow a painful suicidal death as well?

In the book of Exodus chapter 20 and verse 13 we see the command "THOU SHALT NOT KILL", yet this same awesome God tells his Kings' (Saul, David, and Solomon) to kill men, women and children. This means "thou shalt not kill" is conditional relative to the circumstances. 

When a person is about to commit suicide or when a person is at the brink of suicide, they feel an amazing uplifting of their problems. They feel nirvana in all its essence. They feel freedom. This is because they've found a selfish answer to their pain. 

"You're not alone...
Many pastors have committed suicide!"

Yes, suicide is selfish, but sometimes it's the only answer the hopeless soul has left. People who commit suicide aren't weak, they're actually strong. They are strong enough the face death and the unknown world most of us are trying to avoid. 

I do not condone suicide; however, I do not condemn it as well when in the proper context of a dire situation. It's my prayer all who feel suicidal will receive the help they need to continue on earth, it's also my prayer those who've committed suicide will be judged by their God fairly and justly. 

Suicide is a sin of a broken heart and a lost soul that is now in the hands of God before its time...and yes, God forgives those who've committed suicide. 

By: Dr. Jim Allen