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Kim Burrell and Pastoral Hypocrisy

Pastor Kim Burrell has every constitutional right to state her religious beliefs and/or scriptural interpretations; however, just because something is legally right doesn't make it morally expedient. There's a thing called an inconvenient truth. There's also a thing called self righteousness.   

The problem with pastors' like Kim Burrell is it's okay for homosexuals to sing in their choirs. It's okay for homosexuals to lead praise and worship and usher the congregation into the presence of God. It's okay for homosexuals to write awesome Gospel music. In fact, it's okay for homosexuals to serve as their personal chefs and cook meals for them and their friends, but forget about homosexuals being saved or going to heaven. 
If a pastor has a problem with a homosexual in his/her church, why not approach that person face to face? Why allow homosexuals to work within the church, and cook in your home, then you blast them publicly in the pulpit? It seems (some) not all pastors love preaching to homosexuals but hate speaking to them. 

Jesus said
"Judge not, that ye be not judged".
(Matthew 7:1)

Jesus also said 
"Judge not according to the appearance, 
but judge righteous judgment". 
(John 7:24)

When Kim Burrell stated in her sermon HIV/AIDS brought Bishop Eddie Long to nothing, she was actually judging according to appearance. The fact is Bishop Eddie Long never said he has HIV/AIDS, so who is Kim Burrell to say that's what his health situation is? Actually, Bishop Eddie Long could sue Kim Burrell for defamation of character, slander and/or falsely disclosing the privacy of his health, of which I doubt he's going to do.

" judge righteous judgment
is to not judge at all!"

It's odd how we attack homosexuals but won't question our pastors and their lavish lifestyles. Like how is it pastor has a Bentley, Benz, private jet and an NBA SUPERSTAR style crib but he doesn't work a secular job? How is it pastor goes on expensive trips, but again, doesn't work a secular job? Or how is it pastor is still pastoring after the church knows he fathered a child outside of his marriage?

To be a Christian is to recognize none of us are perfect. To be a Christian is to recognize none of us have a heaven or hell to put anyone in. To be a Christian means to understand there is none good but God (Mark 10:18). To be a Christian means before we stone someone for sin, we first make sure we're free of sin...the problem is, none of us are free of sin which is why we're all saved by GRACE!

"...heck, we have Christian heterosexual married couples having threesomes...are they gay, homosexual, bisexual as well? According to them, they're married and the bed is undefiled!" 

"...for I personally know a few 
heterosexual married pastors 
that are also homosexuals".

The question is - is homosexuality a sin? The question is does God love homosexuals? The question is does Jesus love homosexuals? The answer is Jesus loves us all. The answer is God loves us all. The answer is only God is the judge of what and who is a sinner.
-Dr. Jim Allen