Should Black Leadership (MEET) W/ Donald Trump?

The question is who consist of Black leadership? Are Kanye West, Jim Brown, Ray Lewis considered Black leaders? Or, is someone like Steve Harvey considered a Black leader? It's been said by some that Donald Trump is a racist; however, over the years we've seen African American leaders and celebrities around Trump and even shaking hands with him. 

The question of should Black leadership meet with President-elect Donald Trump is a silly question in that how else will Black issues be heard?! 

Sure, people like Steve Harvey made disparaging comments about Trump during the campaign. However, the campaign is over and so is the rhetoric that comes along with trying to persuade people to vote for a particular candidate. 
Rev. Al Sharpton, Donald Trump, Rev. Jesse L. Jackson Sr.

Donald Trump is the President-elect and if Black leaders don't see a need to at least meet with him then that's a serious strategic problem. In politics there are no permanent enemies, only permanent interests. It's time for Black folks to stop being emotional, get your head out the sand and make power moves! You complained about Obama not doing enough for Black people, now you're complaining about Black leaders and celebrities meeting with Donald Trump! Get over it and get busy.
Don King, Donald Trump, 
Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, John Johnson 

A Black leader is anyone who puts him/herself out there for Black issues, causes and concerns! Trust me, deals will be made and you may not like those deals, which is why you should be sending your agenda to the Trump Administration as well for your particular community! Stop waiting on and/or expecting civil rights leaders to look out for you - you are a leader, make it happen for the people you represent! 
Muhammad Ali, Rosa Parks, Donald Trump at 
an awards ceremony!

Also be sure to do your own research, be sure to read President-elect Donald Trump's NEW DEAL FOR BLACK AMERICA initiative. Click below link:

Black folks need to stop putting all our eggs in one basket. Black folks need to stop supporting only one political party. We need voices in all parties. This way our agenda will always be a priority not only during election time, but well after! 

-Dr. Jim Allen

Footage from 1999 of 
Rev. Jesse L. Jackson Sr., praising 
Donald Trump for supporting 
African American issues.