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Stay Woke, Initiation, Black Consciousness...

As of late we've all seen the hashtag or slogan "STAY WOKE". Many in the Black conscious community is presently seeking to define what "STAY WOKE" actually means. 

Is it a slogan? Is it a hashtag? Is it a phrase? Is it a phase? Does "STAY WOKE" means one doesn't believe in the images of White Jesus, but do believe in Jesus as a Brown skinned Palestinian Jew? Does it mean Black consciousness and rebellion thwarts historically established Black leadership? 

In my view "STAY WOKE" doesn't mean one can't sleep, for it's through sleep we receive dreams and visions...after all Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., had a dream, which means he was sleep, right? So a person being sleep doesn't mean they aren't totally aware. According to medical science, a medically deceased person is conscious for more than two whole minutes. 

Thus "STAY WOKE" isn't a physical term, but rather a metaphysical term. It means the third eye of the conscious mind is WOKE or open regardless of if one is physically sleep or even dead for a certain amount of time. To "STAY WOKE" means to be aware of the past, present and future ethos, aura and movements of various societies. It means to recognize game, it means to understand the overlay for the underplay, it means to be discerning yet not judgmental. 

To "STAY WOKE" means 
to be raised from a mental, intellectual, 
spiritual and conscious dead level, 
to an upright living perpendicular. 

As it relates to Black consciousness i.e. "STAY WOKE", we must understand this is a course of rigorous study. Black consciousness is something that's written and oral. Yes, we have books written about various Black conscious movements and PAN-Africanism; however, there's another level and that level is the oral history of Black consciousness. This oral history is only passed down to those INITIATED into various organizations.      

The reality is if one desires to know the inner workings of Black consciousness, s/he must be initiated into the knowledge. S/he must walk the burning sands, s/he must go from darkness to light. Think about this...a person can claim to be a Christian, but if that person has never been baptized or as the apostle Paul says buried with Christ, then is that person actually a Christian? So in other words baptism serves as an initiation and prerequisite for Christendom for even Christ himself and all his disciples were baptized...thus is the same prerequisite for those seeking more light into Black consciousness. 
We all love Martin Luther King Jr., but guess what? He was initiated into Alpha Phi Alpha. Most all of the great Black conscious leaders were initiated into various organizations and orders. A. Philip Randolph (Phi Beat Sigma and Freemason), Rev. Jesse L. Jackson Sr., (Omega Psi Phi and Freemason), Rev. Al Sharpton (Phi Beta Sigma and Freemason), Cornel West (Alpha Phi Alpha), Tavis Smiley (Kappa Alpha Psi), W.E.B. Du Bois (Freemason, Sigma Pi Phi, Alpha Phi Alpha) and the list goes on and on. 

Black-American Consciousness
246 years of slavery.
100 years of segregation.
51 years of integration.

Why were the above men initiated? One of the reasons is because they understood the importance of fraternity and the Black consciousness that's taught within Black Greek, Masonic and Order of the Eastern Star organizations. It's where you go to receive the oral history of your people. It's where you go to find out who's who. It's where you go to be brought into the light. It's where you go to "STAY WOKE" on another level. 

...So just as (baptism) is necessary for a deeper understanding of Christ, so is (initiation) necessary for a deeper understanding of Black consciousness..."STAY WOKE". There's really no way around it if you're indeed trying to reach another level of Black consciousness. Black consciousness equals Black POWER!

Again, anyone can read books about Black consciousness; however, that's public information which is always on the outside, but to understand the deeper meanings of Black existence, culture, history and consciousness, one must be initiated. 

After initiation comes the wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. Let's face it, those who are initiated were drawn to the light of the organization they freely petitioned. After initiation is when one is given the oral history and secret books of what was, is, and shall be...that the Black man once ruled the world and shall rule again.

Did you not know the Greek mathematician Pythagoras was initiated by the Black sages of Kemet (of which some call Egypt) in the Temple of Amen Ra? Did you not know Moses was initiated into the Kemet/Egyptian mysteries? Even the Bible says Moses was learned in all the wisdom of the Egyptians, which means he was initiated (Acts 7:22). A messiah will never come from the bloodline of the oppressor. A messiah has always come from the bloodline of the oppressed! There's no curse of Ham on Black people! Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if Noah and his sons Ham, Japheth, and Shem were all people of color! This is what Black consciousness teaches.

"...Black consciousness isn't a new concept. Songs like SAY IT LOUD, I'M BLACK AND I'M PROUD by James Brown was Black consciousness. WHAT'S GOING ON by Marvin Gaye was Black consciousness. Sam Cooke's LONG TIME COMING was Black consciousness". 

Black consciousness means one understands the sufferings of Black people throughout the Black diaspora, and in most cases that suffering was brought upon by Arab and European governments. Remember, the government doesn't always reflect the sentiments of its citizens. Meaning for example the US Government supported and enforced slavery and Jim Crow laws (legal segregation), it supported the ideology the Black man had no rights in which the White man had to respect, nevertheless, not all Whites followed or believed in the US Government's view of Black folks. Which is why abolitionist groups formed. Even the forming of the NAACP by four Whites and two Blacks.   

Black consciousness means to understand various world governments will never view the Black man as an equal, just as most White ran governments will never pay a woman rather Black or White the same wages as a White man. 

Black consciousness means to understand "White Supremacy" is a heterosexual White male driven ideology that never included or viewed White women in specific nor Black people in general as equals. White supremacy didn't allow White women to own property outside of being married to a White man. White supremacy didn't allow White women to vote and in many cases White supremacy didn't allow White women to work and/or be as educated as White men. 

The White woman was and never will be equal to a White man, not only is that sexist but it's part of the American and worldwide foundation of "White Supremacy". Of course this isn't to compare White women to the sufferings of Black people, there's no comparison. But it is to say White supremacy is a heterosexual White male driven ideology that through the fire of oppression gave birth to the Women's Suffrage Movement.

The Women's Suffrage Movement was a great movement; however, in these present times White women aren't paid the same amount as a White man...that's part of "White Supremacy". When White women understand their White privilege only goes so far is when things will begin to shift...

As touching initiation which only means to be brought into the light of something, there are many organizations and groups outside of the aforementioned that are shedding light as well, such as the Moorish Science Temple of America, Nation Of Islam, Nations of Gods and Earths, etc! None of these groups are going to freely share Black consciousness from their perspectives if you're not a member.
Black consciousness also means to reject the notion of the "Talented Tenth" which notion only looks after a select few. The talented tenth mentally failed, even W.E.B. Du Bois after supporting the "Talented Tenth" rejected it as something that only creates selfish Black men. Read W.E.B. Du Bois own words on the failures of the "Talented Tenth", click below link:

Black consciousness for the most part means the continuous uplifting of Black people socially, intellectually, spiritually, and economically whether they are initiated or not. However, to understand Black consciousness on a higher level as an adept, one must be initiated. So in essence, one can't claim to be WOKE and at the same time purposely mislead or deceive Black folks. That's not being WOKE, that's being a fuck boy

Black consciousness means ALTHOUGH YOU DISAGREE WITH OLD GUARD LEADERSHIP, YOU STILL RESPECT THEIR VIEWPOINT. Black consciousness means EQUAL PAY FOR EVERYONE! Black consciousness means FUCK BUILDING A WALL to keep Mexicans out! Black consciousness means REPARATIONS for Black-Americans! Black consciousness means to SHOP AT BLACK OWNED STORES! Black consciousness means TO LEAD FAMILIES WHETHER NUCLEAR OR BLENDED! Black consciousness means INJUSTICE ANYWHERE IS A THREAT TO JUSTICE EVERYWHERE! 

Written By: Dr. Jim Allen