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Chicago's GREATEST Activist Under 40!

Of course this isn't to diss or throw shade on any of the other activists' in Chicago under 40 years old; however, I thought long and hard about this topic. Yes, there are many activists in Chicago under 40. A lot of these activists are newcomers that have been active in maybe the last 2 years or so.

" life in activism and organizing began in 1996 with the Chicago Housing Authority, where I became an award winning activist...thus I know an activist when I see one. Been doing this for over 20 years!"

My choice is based on longevity, on actual work, on a track record of working with established leadership in Chicago and on being mentored by said leadership. With that being said, I think the GREATEST activist in Chicago under 40 is Rev. Darius Dionte Randle.

Rev. Darius Dionte Randle has put in some serious work in Chicago, Cook County and the entire State of Illinois. He's his own man, yet very teachable and supportive. Darius has worked with Rev. Jesse L. Jackson Sr, Father Michael Pfleger, Rev. Otis Moss, Rev. Ira Acree and a host of ministers, politicians and organizations including the Nation Of Islam as well as many churches in Chicago.  

The good Reverend has been featured on WVON1690AM and other news media outlets. He's respected among his peers and the elders of the Black community in Chicago. Every person of importance in Chicago knows exactly who Rev. Darius Dionte Randle is - this is because of his passion and tireless work. 

It's because of the aforementioned I truly and humbly say Rev. Darius Dionte Randle is the GREATEST activist in Chicago under 40 years old! Follow Rev. Darius Dionte Randle by clicking below links:

Written By: Jim Allen