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Growth & Development and Freemasonry...

What does throwing up the "L's" mean? Some say Live, Life, Large. Some say Love, Life, Loyalty. However, there's a deeper meaning. In recent history a few master masons' of whom are affiliated with Growth and Development began mixing Growth and Development with Freemasonry. 

In Freemasonry the "L" represents a SQUARE! The [square] means to measure your actions, to stand on the word of God, to understand the terrestrial from the celestial. The [square] also represents 360 degrees of knowledge. 
The [square] is a Black/Egyptian tool used to measure and shape stones for purposes of building the pyramids. The [square] was created and originated by Black/Egyptian STONEMASONS. So when you throw up the "L" you're also throwing up the masonic [square] and if a mason see you throw up this sign he's going to test you to see where your head is at. 

Thus we have the meaning "Stay on your [square]" or "Don't let anyone knock you off your [square]", in fact Freemasons call each other [square]. Standing upright as a living perpendicular on the [square] means you have been consciously raised from a dead level! It means you are woke! It means you are standing on various morals and principles that govern the universe regardless of religion, mystery, space, time or geometry. 
Use the [square] to measure how you spend your time. Use the [square] to measure your character. Use the [square] to measure everything you hear, see and read. Use the [square] to build yourself into a better spiritual house, for you are a LIVING STONE (1 Peter 2:5). As we throw up the "L's" lets be sure to [square] our actions as well.

This is the secret of the masters of the universe...there are 33 vertebrae in the human spine, which represents man standing as in upright perpendicular at a 33 degree angle. In a higher sense it means ALLAH (ARM, LEG, LEG, ARM, HEAD) it means in your truest divine form you are a god (Psalm 82:6) serving under the Almighty God (Amen-RA, Jehovah, Yahweh, Elohim, Vishnu, ALLAH, or Great Architect of the Universe).

Masons in the Bible: 
2 Samuel 5:11, 2 Kings 12:12, 
1 Chronicles 22:2, 2 Chronicles 24:12, Ezra 3:7 

Written By: 
Min. Dr. Jim Allen