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UNITED: Vice Lords, Disciples, Stones!

The true meaning of B.O.S. was a movement created by "The Pontiac 17". They were a group of high ranking charged with starting a prison riot at the Pontiac Correctional Center in (July 22, 1978) that left 3 jail workers dead and 3 others injured. The riot happened because the jail was over populated and had major inhumane conditions. After the riot, "The Pontiac 17" was put on death row. Students from various universities, along with activists fought for "The Pontiac 17" be to taken off of death row because the riot wasn't solely their fault. The brothers' of "The Pontiac 17" banded together and created the movement BROTHERS OF the STRUGGLE (B.O.S.) and would write it on letter to their families and friends. Although "The Pontiac 17" were leaders from different gangs, they united and became B.O.S. (BROTHERS OF the STRUGGLE). All 17 men were found not guilty and taken off of death row. Below are the names of "The Pontiac 17". 

1) Larry Hoover (Gangster Disciple)
2) Benny Lee (Apache Vice Lord, Insane Vice Lord)
3) John "Bay" Bailey (Black Gangster Disciple)
4) Michael "Bosco" Evans (Black Soul)
5) Anthony "Hop" Gilberry (Conservative Vice Lord)
6) Robert "Wheaty" Harris (Original Black Gangster)
7) Jessie Hill (Gangster Disciple)
8) Albert "Omega" Jackson (Black P. Stone Ranger, Black Nationalist)
9) Ernest "Smokey EL" Jackson (EL RUKN)
10) Stephen "Tuffy" Mars (Unknown Vice Lord)
11) David "Prince Dinky" McConnell (Conservative Vice Lord)
12) Ronnie Newby (Black Gangster, New Breed) son of Booney "The Don" Black
13) William "Gaylord" Ozzie (Cobra, Insane Vice Lord)
14) Angelo Robinson (Original Mad Black Soul)
15) Joe Smith (Original Mad Black Soul)
16) Kevin "Wolf" Tolbert (Gangster Black Soul)
17) Ike "King Ike" Taylor (High Supreme Gangster, Black Gangster Disciple) he started Gangster Disciple on the West Side of Chicago.

The aforementioned are the men who created B.O.S. (BROTHERS OF the STRUGGLE). So when you put something on the B.O.S. please know what you're saying. Know that B.O.S. is a PEOPLE NATION and FOLK NATION movement. May all street gangs view this demonstration and unite. May we remain united in peace. STOP THE VIOLENCE, SAVE THE CHILDREN! 

Written By: 
Min. Jim Allen