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Ameshia Cross is the "HOTTEST" Female Voice in Chicago!

There are many headlines that dominate the ethos of who and what Chicago is. Chicago is desperately trying to redefine its identity in the wake of so much despair, desperation, apathy, gang violence, political corruption, and philosophical conflicts of Chicago being a sanctuary city for illegal immigrants. Even the President, Donald Trump has threatened to send in outside forces to reduce violence in Chicago.

The aforementioned are serious issues Chicagoans face on a daily basis; however, in the midst of such issues, Chicago has some of the greatest and most passionate activists, organizers, and powerful voices in the country. One of those voices crying out in the wilderness and creating serious dialogue is Ameshia Cross. 

Ameshia Cross uses intellect, research, sophistication and courage to not only create a platform to discuss hard hitting issues, but she also provides solid solutions. Simply put, the woman knows what she's talking about and have ran circles around some of Chicago's most astute political minds at various panel discussions.

Ameshia grew up in Brandon Mississippi and Pensacola Florida. She graduated from McLaurin High School in Florence Mississippi. So as you can see she's a southern belle. Maybe this is why she's so powerful yet respectful in her delivery? 

After high school, Ameshia entered college and studied Political Science and Journalism at Belmont University in Nashville Tennessee where she graduated with honors. Ms. Cross earned her Masters degree in Public Administration from Roosevelt University in Chicago.  

Ms. Cross has a strong professional governmental and policy background. She's held various important positions in Chicago including being the Director of Public Relations and Marketing at the City Colleges of Chicago.

"...Ameshia Cross is also the 
Miss Black Chicago 2013 Winner
 at Miss Black USA!"

Ameshia Cross is actively involved in Chicago and is part of several social organizations including the MetroBoard of the Chicago Urban League, The Chicago Scholars Associate Board, and the Truman National Security Project. She's a proud member of Alpha Sigma Tau (founded November 4, 1899).

To say Ameshia Cross is a rising star in Chicago wouldn't do her justice...she's a rising superstar doing amazing things in Chicago and around the nation. Ms. Cross is an in-demand public figure yet she finds time to mentor at-risk Black youth. Chicago is blessed to have such a bipartisan, unbiased voice in Ameshia Cross. It is for the above reasons, Ameshia Cross is the HOTTEST female voice in Chicago!  
Ameshia Cross (far right) click photo!

If you desire to hear a serious voice concerning issues in Chicago, in America or around the world for that matter, I highly suggest you follow Ameshia Cross by clicking the links below: 

You can hear Ameshia Cross
every Tuesday at 6:30AM 
on WVON1690AM
also on iHeart Radio

written by: jim allen