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Chicago Vice Lords (FLIPPED) To Folks...

DAMN! They say the love of money is the root of all evil. Just how a portion of the Traveling Vice Lords flipped Simon City Royals (Folk Nation) is baffling to say the least. 

A guy named Thaddeus Jimenez of whom was awarded $25 million dollars for a wrongful murder conviction, in turn used his money to flip gang members for the sole purpose of rebuilding the Simon City Royals.

"...back in the day the Simon City Royals use to fight Black and Hispanic gangs. I guess their structure changed and they now allow Black and Hispanic members?"

It's very rare for a large portion of any gang to suddenly flip. I guess the money Mr. Jimenez was throwing around was to good to pass up? Many Vice Lords flipped Folks and started following Thaddeus Jimenez. Shootings and the death rate rose on Chicago's West Side (Austin community).

The Vice Lords who flipped Folks were now fighting against the remaining Vice Lords in the area. The Traveling Vice Lords finally was able to defeat the Vice Lords that flipped Simon City Royals (Folks). 

It's sad how people will do anything for money, cars, women and drugs. Hopefully with Thaddeus Jimenez being locked up and his bank accounts frozen the shootings and murder in the Austin community will drop.

The sad part of it all is one man was able to use his money to damn near flip an entire faction of the Vice Lords in the Austin community. 

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