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Jay Z (SACRIFICED) Kanye West for the Illuminati

It all started in 2005 when Kanye West said "George Bush doesn't care about Black people" during an international Red Cross telethon for Hurricane Katrina relief efforts. It's important you understand at the time George Bush was President of the United States of America. Kanye saw the pain and suffering of those, particularly Blacks (African Americans) suffering the hardest during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Click below link:  

According to former President George Bush, the words Kanye spoke was the worst time during his presidency. I mean, Kanye had every right to use his freedom of speech even if it was an inconvenient truth. 

Hurricane Katrina a category-5 storm that resulted in 1,833 deaths in New Orleans. The second Kanye uttered those words he was marked for a slow, painful, proverbial death.

Kanye and everyone around him was now in trouble. Why? Because not only was George Bush the president of the United States, but just like his father George H.W. Bush, both are members of the Skull and Bones. Skull and Bones is a fraternity founded in 1832 at Yale University, it is more prestigious and secretive than the Freemasons. In fact, the Skull and Bones are the modern day Illuminati. Click below link:

Here's where it gets tricky...not all members of the Illuminati are Freemasons nor are all Freemasons members of the Illuminati. The Illuminati is a secret society composed of members from: Freemasonry, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Porcellian Club, Skull and Bones! These men of whom are predominantly White, controls the media and government of the United States of America! How? Because many of our congressmen and senators are members of the aforementioned! 

Members of the Illuminati are under oath to protect one another, so when Kanye West made his statements about George W. Bush he became a target. Take notice, a couple years passed and Kanye West's mom, Donda West died right after Kanye made his statements about George Bush. In fact Kanye to this day blames himself for his mom's death. Click below link: 

Why would Kanye West blame himself for his mom's death? It's simple, deep down he knows the death of his mother is connected to his statements about George Bush! This was the Illuminati killing Kanye slowly and painfully. 

Years passed and Kanye was finally starting to heal from his mother's untimely death. He became close friends with Jay Z, even after Roc-A-Fella Records had dissolved and Jay Z's old New York buddies was dissing him. In fact, it was Kanye West who pulled Jay Z out of retirement and back into the rap game. Kanye was writing and producing for Jay Z as well. 

Kanye saw a friend in Jay Z just as David and Jonathan in the Bible were close friends tied by the soul (1 Samuel 18:1). In many ways Kanye West looked up to Jay Z as a big brother and friend. The only problem is Jay Z didn't wholly share the same sentiments. To Jay Z it was all business. 

Kanye West was so loyal to Jay Z to the degree he ran on stage during Taylor Swift's acceptance speech and defended Beyonce for not receiving the award. It was a bold, crazy move; but it also showed Kanye's loyalty to his friend Jay Z. Soon after, the president of the United States, Barack Obama called Kanye West a JACKASS! Kanye responded with a song called POWER the verse mentions Obama:

"Lost in translation with a whole fucking nation, 
they say I was the abomination of Obama's nation,
well that's a pretty bad way to start the conversation!"
-Kanye West (POWER)

Seems to me Barack Obama saw Kanye West, a fellow Chicagoan as a modern day Tupac Shakur. Obama possibly couldn't stand someone of Kanye's caliber superseding him in importance relative to popular culture. Oddly enough, Barack Obama and George Bush are good friends! 

Just as Obama froze Rev. Jesse L. Jackson Sr, Dr. Cornel West, Jeremiah Wright out of the White House, he also denounced Minister Louis Farrakhan on national television. Click below links and hear Barack Obama denounce Minister Louis Farrakhan:

Former president Barack Obama saw Kanye West as a social threat and hatched a plan to deliver the final proverbial death blow to Kanye's mind. How did this happen? Well, Barack Obama in effect took Kanye's best friend from him. That best friend was Jay Z!

Jay Z sacrificed Kanye West in order to be in elite circles with Barack Obama. This was the final blow to Kanye West...his friend Jay Z dropped him cold turkey and sided with Barack Obama. Even Kanye said he was calling and reaching out to Jay Z but no answer. Click below link and hear Kanye's break down:

Kanye lost his mother, then lost his best friend. Best believe the Illuminati had a serious hand in all of it! Just like Tupac, Kanye was loyal to people who only viewed him as an opportunity and a business deal with an expiration date. 

As of late Kanye West has been hospitalized. He deleted his Twitter and Instagram accounts...hopeful Dr. Kanye West will recover soon and give us "Killuminati PART II". His voice and brilliance is deeply needed in these times. 

written by: 
jim allen