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Meet Chicago's GREATEST Celebrity

I call this man Chicago's greatest celebrity for many reasons...he's not arrogant. He's not inaccessible. He's not uppity like most celebrities. This man has a history of celebrating others whether through print, radio or television. He's charming. He's funny. He knows everybody. He's none other than Art "Chat Daddy" Sims!

I've been following Mr. Sims for quite some time now. I use to read his relationship columns in the Chicago Defender newspaper. Art "Chat Daddy" Sims has been doing his thing for over 20 years! He's been featured on CBS, NBC, ABC, WGN, V103, Soul Train, Monarch Magazine and various newspapers and magazines.

"Chat Daddy is the recipient of various prestigious 
community awards, too many to name them all".

Born and raised on the South Side of Chicago, Art Sims has become a leading voice in Chicago relative to relationships and all things popular culture. Art is constantly using his platforms to expose people of various backgrounds and experiences. The brother is the quintessential example of being who you are and being comfortable in your own skin. 

"...when you're around Art Chat Daddy Sims, you know you're in the presence of greatness. You know you are in the midst of someone who truly hears and understands your point of view even if he disagrees!"

Jim Allen and Art "Chat Daddy" Sims 

Art has indeed paid his dues 2, 3, 4 times over. He's an awesome star in Chicago and around the country! He's a seasoned brother with a caring heart. Mr. Sims is also a wonderful chef. As you can see the brother is multi-talented. Art is a certified producer with Chicago Access Network Television. He's also the Host and Executive Producer of "Real Talk, Real People". 

Chicago is blessed to have Art "Chat Daddy" Sims. Please be sure to follow him on social media. Also be sure to hear his international radio show on WVON 1690AM and on iHeart Radio. Click links below to follow Art "Chat Daddy" Sims 

Tune in: 
"Real Talk, Real People" Radio Show
WVON 1690AM and on iHeart Radio 
Monday - Thursday 
6PM - 9PM

written by: 
Jim Allen