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My Ancestry DNA

I've always wondered what parts of Africa was I from? I wondered did I have any European blood in me? I had my DNA tested through AncestryDNA and found out some wonderful things.

 Having such a strong bloodline in Africa is rewarding as well. I have higher percentages of Benin/Togo, Nigeria and Ivory Coast/Ghana in my veins. 

Benin was an African kingdom that existed from about 1600 - 1894 (that's nearly 300 years of Black rule). I'm thankful to have royal blood from "The Giant of Africa" i.e. Nigeria. I also have Ghanaian blood in me as well, Ghana means "Warrior King". Ghana's kingdoms spanned over 1,000 years! 

I'm proud to have the blood of kings and queens running in my veins. I genetically have the blood of three different continents in my veins. Please view my DNA results below by clicking each photo. Follow me on Instagram @jimallentv