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Should You ASK Him For Marriage?

Listen, if you want the ring then you need to speak up! Ask your lover where is this relationship going? Are we headed towards marriage? Or are we just sucking and fucking with no strings attached? These are the questions you need to ask your lover. 

Understand that men respond to deadlines, dates, assignments, and schedules faster than anything else...if you're not on any of the aforementioned than you're nothing but a booty call. If y'all been screwing for the last year or if s/he has moved in with you then y'all need to start taking steps to make that shit official. 

If a nigga fucking you and sticking his dick all down your throat then you deserve to know where the hell y'all stand as it relates to the future. Tell that nigga you need an engagement ring and an announcement or else all the fucking and sucking is over! If he's a real man he'll man up and make shit happen.

If he's not into you then he'll make excuses why he can't post about y'all love on social media. Why he can't get engaged. Why, why, why... Negro please, people only do to you what you allow them to do. So stand up for yourself and demand more. 

And please don't fall for the "I'm not financially ready to get married right now" line, then you shouldn't be out here sucking and fucking like you are someone's fiance or husband. Tighten that shit up bruh! Hell, White people be get married fresh out of college making like 40K a year, so stop it with all the excuses.

Tell that nigga to make it happen or stop wasting your good pussy and time!   

jim allen