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The Coolest Black Man in Chicago!

Swag, culture, style, intelligence, black renaissance, power, respect...when one say these words the name David Peterson comes to mind. The brother is on a constant grind making power moves that reverberates from the streets to the suites. 

"David represents the very best of excellence and activism. 
He's a social and cultural architect who continues 
to inspire many in Chicago and around the nation!"

David Peterson is the President/Executive Director at National A. Philip Randolph Pullman Porter Museum and Executive Producer/Co-Founder at Museum 44 which blends Hip Hop with politics. 

Mr. Peterson's alma maters include Kenwood Academy High School, Florida A&M University, DePaul University. The brother is highly intelligent as well as street smart. It is for the above reasons David Peterson is the coolest and most important Black man in Chicago! 

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