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The DOPEST Black PhD in Chicago!

Chicago is full of talent yet only a very few has figured out how to unite the many voices, minds, and egos in the windy city. Yes it's hard to unite people in general and Black people in specific in Chicago to rally around a common cause. Many have tried and failed. 

It takes passion, grit and skill to do anything of substance in Chicago. Why? Because people in Chicago are tough and only respond to what's tangible and real. Chicago isn't a theoretical city, Chicago is a pragmatic city. It's known as the city that works. 
It is for the aforementioned that when I saw what Dr. Tammy Hicks was doing relative to connecting women of various backgrounds and professions in Chicago, I simply had to give her a shout out. 

What Dr. Hicks is doing is groundbreaking on many levels. For one she's providing an example of true sisterhood among Black women. For two she's creating social wealth through her networking events. For three she's changing the narrative of Black women in Chicago and around the nation. 

As a licensed clinical social worker, Dr. Hicks is able to hone in on problem areas and provide a clinical viewpoint to the many pathological issues in Black Chicago and Black women. 

"...Dr. Tammy Hicks is a proud member of 
Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated, 
yet her outreach is to all regardless of affiliation or non-affiliation".

Dr. Tammy Hicks continues to inspire Black women in Chicago, her next event will feature 300 Black Women In White. It's an empowerment brunch. Tickets are already sold out, view below link:

In my opinion, Dr. Tammy Hicks is the DOPEST Black PhD in Chicago! Be sure to follow her on social media by clicking the below link, you can also search for Dr. Tammy Hicks on Facebook: 

written by: jim allen