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The REAL History of the Vice Lords!


This is the real history of the Vice Lords. Also click the below link for more footage on the Vice Lords as produced in conjunction with the Chicago Tribune. Back in the 1960's it was an honor to be a Vice Lord. Hopefully this footage will cause all of those claiming to be Vice Lords to step away from a life of crime and rebuild the Black community. ALL IS WELL! 

Click below link!

CLICK ALL PHOTOS FOR A BETTER VIEW! The original Vice Lord symbol was what we now view as the peace sign. Back in the 1960's it stood for the letter "V" and for the Roman numeral FIVE! The 1960's Vice Lords had all kinds of businesses (Teen Town, African Lion, Pool Halls, Ice Cream Parlor, Clothing Stores, etc). Click below pics of the 1960's Vice Lords!  

Bobby Gore and the Staples Singers 

Conservative Vice Lords (Pool Hall) 

Conservative Vice Lords 
float in the Bud Billiken Parade

By: Jim Allen