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The Struggles of Black Chicago!

Unlike New York or Los Angeles, Black people in Chicago predominantly live in segregated communities from Whites, Yellows, Reds and Browns. You can drive for miles in Chicago and only see one ethnic group. Shit is simply crazy B! Communities like Little Village, Humboldt Park, Pilsen are solid Hispanic communities, although Pilsen is being gentrified. Pilsen is losing its strong Mexican ethos to White millennials.

Anytime a community is predominantly Black you can expect high crime. Why? Because the police don't truly police Black communities. This is why innocent residents get shot at 12, 1, 2, 3 in the got damn afternoon! No police presence. 

Hell, in Chicago police stops are down 90% which means vicious gang bangers are riding around FREELY with guns! Of course we don't want the police stopping and frisking innocent people, but at least stop those riding around with guns. 

Not to long ago the Department Of Justice came to Chicago and were investigating the Chicago Police Department. They found major civil and constitutional rights violations of Black people. What happened? NOTHING! Click below links:

Meanwhile the North Side of Chicago is predominantly White...shit I hate going up North, they look at you like "nigger what the fuck are you doing in these parts of town?!" Went to a Cubs game and the drunk White fans were straight up on some lynch a nigga shit! 

-From the Italian and Irish mafia to Black and Hispanic street gangs, Chicago has always been a murderous city.  

Black men in Chicago are in epic pain. Got damn drug game ain't what it used to be. Brothers' getting beat out thousands of dollars every night in the drug game. Crooked cops extorting and in many cases working with drug lords! Young niggas killing each other because the unwise police department (CPD, FBI, DEA, ATF) locked up all the gang leaders under the RICO ACT (Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organizations) ACT, now the hood has no structure or organization! 

"I don't give a rat's ass about social ills, or whose daddy isn't around. Leave that up to social organizations to fix. My question is why can't PAID politicians and PAID cops at least reduce the violence in Chicago? Didn't you all take an oath to serve and protect? I guess working class poor people who aren't gang affiliated or dealing drugs aren't worth serving and/or protecting?" 


...then the Mayor of Chicago i.e. Rahm Emanuel closes down 50 schools in predominantly Black communities. Kids are packed like rats in schools outside their own communities. Chicago is a hot mess for Black people which is probably why thousands of Blacks are leaving Chicago. 

According to the Chicago Tribune (June 22, 2017), Blacks in Chicago making 100,000 dollars a year were 7th in the nation. Now Blacks making 100,000 dollars a year in Chicago are 21st in the nation. It means thousands of educated, highly trained Blacks who make 100,000 dollars a year are leaving Chicago. The Black middle class is leaving Chicago!  

If the Black middle class is leaving, one can only imagine the pain and suffering of working poor Black communities where there are little to no job opportunities. Multimillion dollar construction projects going on in Chicago and they wont hire a Black man at all. Not even as a general labor or janitor...really sad! 

Michelle Obama said it best "As a Black man Barack could get shot going to the gas station!" View her own words by clicking link:

The only good things in Black Chicago are our restaurants, organizations and our Black owned talk radio station WVON1690AM which can also be heard on iHeart radio as well.

Please keep Black Chicago in your prayers as we continue to deal with systemic racism and police brutality...         

Written By: Jim Allen