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Underground Was Canceled Because It Distorted History!

WGN''s pre-civil drama, Underground was canceled for several reasons...but first let me make a few things clear. Underground wasn't canceled because White folks were upset with it. Underground wasn't canceled because it brought up America's evil past yet most undealt with topic. Underground wasn't canceled solely because of ratings.

Underground was canceled because it gave a false narrative of history. The monologue was fine until some genius decided to add Harriet Tubman and Frederick Douglass in the gumbo of pure fuckery. Here's the can't add legends like Harriet Tubman and Frederick Douglass into a drama of fiction. 

"...Underground started to 
resemble Django Unchained!"

I mean, like dude, the writers had Harriet Tubman and Frederick Douglass saying shit I never heard of and/or read in any history book. Once the wheels of fuckery were in motion it was no way to stop it. At one point I was thinking to myself 'got damn, are they going to let Harriet be captured and killed even though we all know Harriet died a champion at the age of 91 with full military honors at Auburn's Fort Hill Cemetery?!"  

The reality is you can't mix the life and times of Harriet Tubman with some Black Rose i.e. Jurnee Smollett-Bell bullshit character who probably never existed! Then to add insult to injury, Underground decides to rewrite history and make Tubman and Douglass say things they never, ever said in life! 

Sure, I loved seeing the Black man stick it to the system. I say system because the majority (not all) of White people are nothing but pawns to the American system of racism. The system of racism and slavery is founded, ran and operated by the government, thus the government supported and perpetuated slavery and Jim Crow. It's important to know the difference between White people in general and the government that enforced the belief into the psyche of White people that Black people were intellectually inferior. 

"...during an interview with a writer named Rose Belle Holt in 1886, Harriet Tubman stated that she did not like Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War and only learned to appreciate him after her friend, Sojourner Truth, told her Lincoln was not an enemy but a friend to African-Americans". 

Remember, not all White people hated Black people. Not all White people had slaves. In fact some White people joined and helped Black people fight thwarts the GOVERNMENT! 

"The NAACP was founded
by 4 Whites and 2 Blacks!" 

The government said Black people were 3/5th human. The government allowed slavery, and even after President Abraham Lincoln assisted in emancipating the slaves (from the pressure of Frederick Douglass and other abolitionist) the government proverbially said "Well, Abraham Lincoln set you niggers free...He's dead now, you will be segregated from Whites!" Of which segregation lasted 100 years! 

Don't get me wrong, the actors and actresses were great. The scenes were amazing. Some of the storyline was good as well, but when you mix African-American legends with some fake shit, you're going to have some serious problems. Trust me it was only a matter of time before African American history professors were about to strongly critique the show. 

Underground did the right thing and went underground! There's really no coming back after such an ill-advised and botched turn the show took relative to African American history!

written by: jim allen