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Watch Out For Fuckboys!

A fuckboy is someone who enters a woman's life with the sole purpose of fucking it up while simultaneously benefiting himself. Fuckboys come in all shapes and sizes. A fuckboy can be uneducated or educated. There are professional fuckboys, lowlife fuckboys, youth pastor fuckboys, hood fuckboys, fraternity fuckboys, etc. Below are signs of a fuckboy...if you see these signs please take precaution and get the hell out of that situation. 

1) It's impossible for a fuckboy to love you. His heart will never fully be yours.

2) A fuckboy will always make excuses why he can't spend time with you.

3) A fuckboy only comes around a woman when he needs something.

4) A fuckboy will always make you feel ugly so that you'll think no other man wants you.

5) A fuckboy will always criticize you and make you feel intellectually inferior (sort of how Lucious Lyon does Cookie).

6) A fuckboy will use the shit out of you, break your heart and then ask if you all can just be friends instead of lovers.

7) A fuckboy will screw your friends and/or sorority sisters.

8) A fuckboy has an expiration date on how long he's going to pimp you. After he's done using you he's going to leave you high and dry.

9) A fuckboy will never claim you in other words, there will be no mention of you on his social media accounts. 

10) A fuckboy will make you feel lonely even though you both are together at the same time in the same place.

11) A fuckboy will make you feel like you're never good enough. You can give him your everything and it'll never be good enough for him (sort of how Lucious Lyon does Cookie).

12) A fuckboy will always compare you to other women and make it his business to put other women over you (sort of how Lucious Lyon does Cookie). 

13) A fuckboy will call, text or DM you and ask you out on a date...seconds later he'll send you a dick pic even though y'all never met and you never asked to see his dick. In other words he thinks you're easy and nothing but a THOT. 

14) A fuckboy can't control his dick - his dick seems to always think for him. He has no mind control over his dick. He'll even run into random chicks raw. 

15) A fuckboy will eat any random chicks pussy. Nigga has no limits and no public decorum. He actually begs random women on social media to allow him to eat their ass and/or pussy. 

16) A fuckboy will make you think marriage is in the future, but trust and believe it's not gonna happen. It's only a game to keep you around while he takes the best of your years, pussy, talent, anointing, etc...

Written By: 
Dr. Jim Allen