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Watch Out For Fuckgirls!

A FUCKGIRL is similar to a fuckboy. Both will enter your life and fuck shit up. Fuckgirls come in all shapes and sizes, some are educated and some are uneducated. You can find fuckgirls in the church, hood, and/or Fortune 500 companies. Below are a few signs you're with a fuckgirl. If you find yourself in this situation please seek help fast! Most fuckgirls are known to cause heart attacks, brain aneurysms, slurred speak, stress, etc! 


1) A fuckgirl will introduce you to her "godbrother"...nah bruh, in reality she been fucking that dude for years. He never was her godbrother. She tricked you and her supposedly godbrother helped. 

2) A fuckgirl will always make you feel like you're never good enough.

3) A fuckgirl will suck random dick for an iPhone, Jordans, etc.

4) A fuckgirl will go out on a date with you, order a whole lot of food, run up the bill sky high and then never call or text you again. She only went out with you for food. Thanks to you, she'll be eating leftovers i.e. lobster and steak for the next few days.

5) A fuckgirl lives in the shadow of her EX! For some odd reason she can't seem to shake that nigga out her brain. Even though he was horrible to her.  

6) A fuckgirl will screw her EX (baby daddy) even though she's now with a new man. The dummy thinks because they have kids together that means give that nigga head, pussy or whatever. 

7) A fuckgirl are the chicks outside with hair bonnets on. It's a sign of "I just got out the shower, my pussy clean, come holler at me!" 

8) A fuckgirl is someone that'll give you head after bible class and then expect you to marry her the next day. Like many brothers' have you done this too?  

9) Fuckgirls are the chicks on social media (going LIVE) getting into fights. 

10) A fuckgirl plans to stay on public aid all her life. She has no desire to go back to school, get her GED, or at least attend community college. Her only goal is duping lame niggas out their cash and remaining on food stamps. 

11) A fuckgirl is someone that knows her boyfriend is molesting her daughter but won't say or do shit about it.'re a big time FUCKGIRL! 

12) A fuckgirl will have 5 baby daddies and not one of them deadbeat ass niggas paying child support. 

13) A fuckgirl jumps in and out of relationships only to make her EX think she moved on. Even her EX knows he controls her mind, body and soul. If he tell her to do something...just like a puppet, she'll do it.

14) A fuckgirl will always support other men over you. No matter what it is. She'll make sure you know other men have a piece of her. Thus she can never fully be yours. 

15) A fuckgirl will ask her current man for money and then give it all to her EX or side nigga(s). 

16) A fuckgirl will knowingly screw a married man and/or any man in a committed relationship as a sideshow to destroy a happy home. To her it's all relative. 

17) Fuckgirls are notorious for damaging good men. They'll marry a good man with the intent to cheat with men of their past.

18) A fuckgirl is fine with a man taking care of ((her)) kids that aren't his, but she treats his kids (by another woman) like shit. She hides in the bedroom whenever his kids come over to visit their dad. She makes sure his kids feel uncomfortable and unwanted...yeah sweetheart, you are the quintessential fuckgirl.

Keep your eyes open dear brothers...and dear sisters, because there are some LGBTQ fuckgirls as well. Click below link to see the signs of a fuckboy:

written by: Jim Allen