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I've been asked by my White friends what does "Black Love" mean? Well, it has various meanings. In short it's the defiance of stereotypes as it relates to Black relationships. Black Love spits in the face of a government that didn't allow Black people to get a marriage license during slavery (1619 - 1865).

Black Love spits in the face of a government that allowed slave owners to rape Black women and molest Black men. Black Love says no matter how society may try to break up the Black family as it did during slavery, we shall rise and raise strong Black boys and girls.  

"...I'm not against interracial relationships, I just prefer a Black woman because we share the same pain, the same initiation, the same hazing experience of being Black in America!" 

Black Love enforces the notion that the Black woman is the most coveted woman on the planet, yet she must be protected from savages who only view her as an illicit, sensual, sexual, promiscuous object!

Black Love is the essence of Black excellence. It's a Black man taking his place as the provider, protector, supporter, lover and number one fan of his lady, fiancee or wife. Black Love enforces the notion that Black Girls Rock. Black Love proudly says Black Girl Magic is real.

Black Love is the healing balm of the Black woman and man. Black Love is a safe place to come home to after dealing with thoughts of being pulled over and killed by cops. Black Love is our safe haven. Black Love is our sanctuary. 

written by: 
jim allen