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Why Did Chicago Police KILL Officer Taylor Clark?

June 28, 2017 

Officer Taylor Clark (32 years old) got off work at 12:45 a.m. and by 1:00 a.m. he was dead by the hands of fellow officers! Surveillance video from a nearby church show Officer Taylor Clark being chased by other Chicago police officers in an unmarked car. Officer Taylor Clark crashed his car, died and also killed a woman in a separate vehicle.

Why was Officer Taylor Clark running from the police? I mean, he was the police as well...why would Chicago cops in an unmarked car with lights on be chasing him? According to many sources, Officer Taylor Clark was a good man. People in the community loved him. He was proud to be a Chicago police officer. So why did they kill him? 

It's interesting to note Officer Taylor Clark was chased by Chicago police area central gang unit. Why were cops from a gang unit chasing a fellow officer who just got off work leaving from the 10th District? 

Were the gang unit cops watching him all along? Were they waiting for the opportunity to pursue him? Seems to me Officer Taylor Clark was ambushed. Seems to me he may have knew his pursuers and tried to flee. It also seems to me Officer Taylor Clark may have known fellow officers had it out for him.

The Chicago police 10th District is in one of the most dangerous kill zones in Chicago as it relates to shootings, killings and gang violence; however, whenever crime is high in certain Chicago neighborhoods you can also bet your bottom dollar drug dealing is high as well. And Chicago cops have a history of sticking their hands in the pockets of drug dealers. Did Officer Taylor Clark know any of this? Was he about to expose crooked police officers? Is this why Chicago police killed him?! 


Below is a brief list of Chicago crooked cops who tortured innocent civilians and who worked with gang bangers and drug lords. They allowed dope to be sold in return for cash payouts from drug lords and gang bangers:

* 1972 - 1991, Chicago police commander Jon Burge tortured over 200 people, mostly African Americans into false confessions. Soon after the Burge era was over we see a chronological history of Chicago police misconduct and abuse. 

* The Marquette 10 were ten Chicago police officers from the Marquette police station (formerly located 2259 S. Damen). The Marquette 10 allowed a 24/7 drug operation on the South Side of Chicago in return for cash payouts. This happened in the 1980's. 

* The Austin 7 were seven Chicago police officers who robbed drug dealers of cocaine and sold it to other drug dealers. They were also involved in extortion of drug dealers they didn't like, but were paid handsomely by drug dealers they liked. They operated on the West Side of Chicago. This happened in the 1990's.

* The Englewood 12 was more than a dozen Chicago police officers in the Englewood neighborhood led by Sergeant Broderick Jones. They robbed South Side drug dealers of cash and narcotics and resold the cocaine. This happened from the early to mid 2000's!

* The Latin King Cops were two Chicago police officers Alex Guerrero and Antonio Martinez Jr, both stole hundreds of kilos of cocaine and guns from rival drug lords and gave it to the Latin Kings for cash payouts. They operated on Chicago's Southwest Side. This happened 2004 - 2006 or longer. 

* 2007, the Special Operations Section of the Chicago Police Department was disbanded by former Mayor Richard M. Daley because seven cops were charged with robbery and kidnapping. They even hired hitmen to kill cops who were working to expose them. Hmmm, wonder was Officer Taylor Clark about to expose a few crooked cops? 

The aforementioned can be googled as well. I'm pretty sure there are more cases hidden under the rug. The point is it's not that large of an exaggeration to think maybe Officer Taylor Clark was targeted and purposely killed by fellow officers?

Even the DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE investigated the Chicago Police Department and found a pattern of civil rights violations including force and deadly force of innocent civilians! Click link: 

I'm sure Officer Taylor Clark will be blamed for his death. I'm sure the Chicago Police Department will come up with some elaborate story of what happened to Officer Taylor Clark. 

At this point the family of Officer Taylor Clark should sue the Chicago Police Department. They should look into Mr. Clark's cellphone, emails, and other social media accounts for any clues of his awareness of threats on his life by fellow officers. The family of Officer Taylor Clark should look into rather or not he was working with the FBI, ATF, DEA, etc., to bring down crooked cops! 

Officer Taylor Clark was a good man and didn't deserve to die like this! We want answers! We want the got damn truth! 

written by:
jim allen