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Why do men enjoy going back and forth to jail? The answers may surprise you. Mainly because in jail they are free to be who they really are, homosexuals. Listen, there's nothing wrong with a man desiring sex from a man...I mean that's his prerogative. That's his choice. The problem comes in when men hide their sexual desires and propensity. 

In jail the hardest of men get their dick sucked by other men and return the favor. It's a dirty little prison secret. In jail a mouth is a mouth and an asshole is an asshole. That's just the realty. Of course jail isn't something to make light of, but one must think "like damn, why you niggas and wiggas love going back and forth to jail? What's waiting on you in jail?" A hard cock in the mouth and/or ass, that's what's waiting.  

Once a grown man puts a dick in his mouth his life is forever changed. He'll crave the taste of penis and nut for the rest of his life unless he gets delivered by God or by some universal phenomenon. 

Shit, even in Hip Hop circles among thugs who rap about the streets and prison life we see a level of homosexuality. I guess the meaning "homeboy" also means "fuckboy" in prison? From what I hear terms on the streets have different meanings in prison. 
...then there are (some) gangs that have homosexuality in their gang laws. If the boss or chief of the deck wants your mouth or asshole, he can have it. In jail among gang members it's called "Double Digits". So in effect, if the boss or chief of the deck is doing double digits (ten years or more) he can fuck gang members under him.

This is why people should be careful of the gangs they join. Some require your manhood in the form of shit on a dick or nut in the mouth. Again, this isn't to knock homosexuals. This is to reveal why your man can't stay out of prison. This is to reveal the hypocrisy of men who portray to be hardcore thugs, but on the inside are really thumb sucking boy toys.  

written by:
jim allen