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Alpha Introverts. Beta Extroverts.

According to various definitions the term introvert means a shy, reticent person. The term extrovert supposedly means an outgoing, overtly expressive person.  

The reality is just because someone is an extrovert doesn't make s/he an alpha. In fact, most extroverts are really betas trying their hardest to be viewed as alphas. The premise of introverts being shy, reticent, bland, antisocial, awkward, odd, low energy is simply false and a misdiagnosis of leadership character traits. 

I've been around beta-people who tried so hard to control a room or conversation in hopes they'll be viewed as extroverts or alphas, when in fact they were viewed as annoying and intrusive. Black/African American beta-extroverts are the worse! They are the type of people who talk the entire time at a dinning affair. I mean, got damn when will you shut up and allow people to eat their food and drink in peace?

Black/African American beta-extroverts tend to think being loud at social gatherings somehow makes them cultured when in fact they actually appear insular. Being loud at social gatherings and commandeering people's time isn't an alpha trait, it's actually a beta trait. It's obnoxious and annoying! Like bruh, who deemed you the interviewer who the whole room? 

"...there are Alpha-introverts and Beta-extroverts!"

Beta-extroverts are always looking to degrade, belittle and demean others every chance they get. Please expect to be consciously and subconsciously assaulted by beta-extroverts. Trust me, it never fails! 
Beta-extroverts often feel intimidated by others, which is why they are so quick to inform you of how many degrees they have...they'll meet you and be like "So yeah what do you do? Oh, I use to do your type of work back in undergrad. Yup, I have a graduate degree in _____________! I also make six figures a year. My children are so amazing....on and on and on!"

On the other hand you have alpha-introverts. They know who they are. They're well centered and grounded in their purpose in life. They aren't easily fascinated by beta-extroverts. In fact they find beta-extroverts to be ignorant to the rudiments of decorum. 

Alpha-introverts are often picked on at very early stages in life. They are the ones called ugly and/or stupid by beta-extroverts (as a psychological warfare tactic) to discredit the beauty and leadership qualities they actually see in alpha-introverts. 

"...Alpha-introverts are quiet, cool, calm and collected. They don't feel the need to always prove their worth or dominance through words, but rather through power, action, influence..."

Beta-extroverts are often bullies and suffer with self-esteem issues. Most of the Black/African American beta-extroverts I know are indeed accomplished, yet aren't comfortable in the skin they're in. For example a lot of the Black/African American beta-extroverts I know use skin bleaching creams to light their skin in hopes of being accepted by mainstream America. Most of the Black/African American beta-extroverts I know speak in a Caucasian learned tone. And yes I know the difference between an educated, uneducated, Negroid, Hispanic, Asian, and/or Caucasoid tone.   

According to veteran Wolf researcher Rick McIntyre "the main characteristic of an alpha wolf is a quite confidence, quite self-assurance. You know what you need to do; you know what's best for your pack. You lead by example. You're very comfortable with that. You have a calming effect". 

"People like Barack Obama 
(a man who led America in quite strength) 
is an Alpha-introvert.

People like Donald Trump 
(a man who leads by unregulated force) 
is a Beta-extrovert.

Alpha-introverts have great skills and character traits such as: Memory, planning, thoughtfulness, problem solving, motor control, processing new information, and self regulation to name a few.

They are indeed the leaders of the pack. Alpha-introverts have the temperament needed to lead families, social organizations, educational institutions, businesses, and countries. 

Beta-extroverts are good at pretending to be alphas when in fact they aren't. They're just loud people who offend those they intimidated by or they think have the possibilities to supersede them.  

Stop thinking because you're quite or calm, something is wrong with you! There's not a got damn thing wrong with you. You don't have to conform to the mainstream social construct of what an alpha, beta, or introvert, extrovert is!

"Be proud to be an Alpha-introvert!"  

As someone who studied sociology in college and is a Liberal Arts and Science major, I seriously think we need to add the term alpha-introvert and beta-extrovert to the discourse of who and what introverts and extroverts truly are.

*Footnote: I'm actually the first person to coin the hashtag and term #AlphaIntrovert #BetaExtrovert on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Check and see for yourself! Hopefully those who use these terms and hashtags will give me the proper credit for bringing a new dynamic to the introvert, extrovert conversation! 

Written By:
Jim Allen