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Black Owned Businesses In Chicago.

While in Chicago please be sure to shop Black. Below is a list of great places, restaurants, etc., you can enjoy in Black Chicago. The purpose is to keep the Black dollar in the Black community long enough for us all to benefit. Yes, we are working on customer service and pricing, but please don't let that stop you from supporting at least one Black business a week. 

No other race is required to hire and feed us! In theory America's business owners are suppose to be equal opportunity employers, but how's that working out for Black people? Not well. This is why we must build, support and maintain our own businesses. We have the money, we just need the will and direction to do so. 

At the end of the day African American spending power is over ONE TRILLION DOLLARS! This means that if we actually support Black businesses we could greatly reduce joblessness in our communities which in turn would reduce violence. Click below link to see African American spending power:

Click below photos to see 
Black owned businesses in Chicago:

written by: jim allen