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Checkout The Cruz and Washington Show.

An amazing show is beaming from the Windy City. This show is called "The Cruz and Washington Show". It's relevant, sexy, conscious and funnier than all get-out! The show covers a plethora of subjects and issues. The Cruz and Washington Show also shines a spotlight on other actors and actresses in and out of Chicago.

"...Twon and Kimberly are doing epic things in Chicago as it relates to television and media!" 

Twon Cruz and Kimberly Washington are both Chicagoans. Twon Cruz is an actor and creator of Rich Boy Cartel and The Cruz and Washington Show. Kimberly Washington is an actress, screenwriter, she's also CEO of Chiwood Scripts Global.

Be sure to checkout The Cruz and Washington Show by clicking the below link. Also click all other links to follow them on social media.

Written By: Jim Allen