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Checkout These Products Created By a Black Medical Doctor.


Please support Dr. Kenya Thomas and her product line. She's a scientist and medical doctor. Dr. Kenya has created a line of products that are specifically tailored to your needs. All you have to do is simply contact her and tell her what your skin, scalp, facial, body issues and/or type is and she'll personally create you a product designed just for you. 

Do you have issues with jock itch, feminine itch, vaginal odors? If so you should put your order in to Dr. Kenya Thomas asap. Remember, you don't have to have any of the aforementioned issues to purchase products. 

Kenya Thomas MD, is a Chicagoan; 
however, her products are used all over the planet. 

Dr. Kenya Thomas products are antibiotic, herbal and natural. The doctor's products are for all hair and body types. Her products are $10 and below! Nothing is above $10! Dr. Kenya Thomas has created a product that's not only medically backed by science but is also affordable on just about any budget.

Dr. Kenya Thomas products:
Hair Shampoos, Lotions, Body Soaps, Facial Soaps, Hair Conditioners, Body Wash, and so much more!  

For more information about Dr. Kenya Thomas please click below link:

To order your products and have them shipped directly to you please email Dr. Kenya Thomas:

written by: jim allen