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Chicago's HOTTEST Poetess!

Jerelyn "Mz. Jae" Porch is hands down the hottest, baddest and best poetess in Chicago. Her delivery is second to none. Her metaphors and analogies are amazing. Her realness and rawness is what keeps listeners coming back for more. She's truly an awesome talent and force to be reckon with in Chicago. I guess when intellect, innovation, realness and wit collide the product becomes another hot poem by Mz. Jae! 

"...Jerelyn has been in the entertainment game as a hostess and poetess for many years. She's truly a staple on Chicago's who's-who scene!"

Her alma maters include Hyde Park Academy High School, Northeastern Illinois University and Elmhurst College. She's the founder of Cocktails and Conversations-Chicago. Jerelyn has spoken on many panels about relationships and social issues. She's performed throughout the Midwest and Southern states of the United States of America.  

Jerelyn "Mz. Jae" Porch has performed with some of the most famous poets and comedians in the game. She's also a woke sister with a strong spiritual core. It is for the above reasons she's the hottest poetess in Chicago.

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written by: jim allen