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I understand so much more about dating in 2017! I know this is gonna sound crazy...but I cannot find ONE single black man in CHICAGO that remotely fits the basic criteria for a client I am Matchmaking for! I have even resorted to some online dating options to seek him out! I have asked y'all... and still NOTHING! When the Matchmaker can't find a man to set up...DAMN! 

P.S. 35-45 SINGLE, STRAIGHT, BLACK, SUCCESSFULLY EMPLOYED AND PASSIONATE ABOUT HIS JOB/LIFE/CAREER, LIKES BLACK WOMEN, INTERESTED IN DATING, LIVES IN CHICAGO is what I mean by BASIC!!!!! I have more work to do after I find that but hell, I can't locate that to even get to the next steps of the process. -Monique Spence 

Monique Spence is a Media Personality, Professional Life Coach and Matchmaker in Chicago. Follow her by clicking the below links: