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Denise Walker the "Grapefruit Lady!"

I've been following Denise "Auntie Angel" Walker for years. In fact we spoke on the phone many moons ago relative to business marketing. I remember when she started out. Her classes on sexology and intimacy went from thirty people in one session to now over thousands. 

Years ago I knew she was on to something special. I mean...there were women of all racial backgrounds at her sessions, and this was years ago, so you can only imagine the diversity of people who now attend her classes and sessions. 

"...whenever you see White women in a sexology class or session led by an African American woman, you know something good is happening in said classes and sessions. LOL!"

Denise "Auntie Angel" Walker is the CEO and Founder at Angel's Erotic Solutions. Her most famous technique is the "GRAPEFRUIT TECHNIQUE" which was featured in the breakout movie Girls Trip

The "GRAPEFRUIT TECHNIQUE" has taken America by storm due to it being in the Girls Trip Movie; however, those of us in Chicago knew about this technique created and taught by Denise "Auntie Angel" Walker for years!   
Denise "Auntie Angel" Walker

Girls Trip movie star Tiffany Haddish has admitted she got the "GRAPEFRUIT TECHNIQUE" from watching YouTube videos of Denise "Auntie Angel" Walker. Click below link: 

Denise "Auntie Angel" Walker has been a celebrity in Chicago for years. She's been featured on WORLD STAR HIP HOP as well as various radio and news stations around the country. She's also an sexpert and sexologist for the Art "Chat Daddy" Sims radio show (Real Talk, Real People) which can be heard Monday - Thursday from 6pm to 9pm on WVON1690AM and on iHeart Radio! 

Denise "Auntie Angel" Walker's "GRAPEFRUIT TECHNIQUE" has millions of views on YouTube. Click below video:

Denise Walker is a United States Army veteran. She's also well educated. Denise studied Behavioral Psychology at South University. She studied Psychology at Illinois State University. 

Denise "Auntie Angel" Walker continues to pack out private and public events, parties, forums and stadiums across the United States of America. 


She's known to have saved failing and broken relationships and marriages through her classes and's important you understand more than just sex is taught at her classes and sessions, but Denise also gives relationship advice. 

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Written By: Jim Allen