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Freemasonry and Devil Worship...

Yes, I'm a Master Mason and Eastern Star. I get asked all the time do Freemasons and Eastern Stars worship the devil? The answer is HELL NO! Actually in Freemasonry and the Order of the Eastern Star belief in God is required for membership. Why? Because to Freemasons, God is the creator and architect of the universe. An atheist can't be a Freemason or Eastern Star, which is why so many atheists speak negatively about the Masonic Order.

A person must believe in God (a supreme being). The person isn't told or coached as to which God i.e. (Amen Ra, Yahweh, Jehovah, Elohim, Vishnu, Allah, etc) to believe in. The requirement is only that one believes in a God. In every Masonic lodge there is a Bible on the altar. That Bible is on a particular scripture depending on which degree the brothers are on:

1st Degree 
(Entered Apprentice)
2nd Degree 
3rd Degree 
(Master Mason)

The Master Mason degree is the highest degree within Freemasonry. All other degrees are only appendages. Why? Because the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd degrees of Freemasonry are actually the ancient degrees of all ancient builders. In order to understand Freemasonry you must understand why it exists? For what purpose does it exists?  

Freemasonry is connected to Stonemasonry. Who were the first Stonemasons? The Black Egyptians (builders of the pyramids) were the first Stonemasons. In fact the main symbol of the Freemasons are tools used by the ancient Stonemasons of Egypt i.e. Kemet to build the pyramids. Lets take a look at the main symbol of Freemasonry. See if it makes sense to you...
I see a compass. Square. And the letter "G" in the middle. What does it all means? Well, the compass was used by Black Egyptians to circumscribe circles, the compass also relates to the mind in it's celestial state. The square was used by Black Egyptians to measure stones, the square also relates to the mind it's terrestrial state. The "G" stands for God and geometry. The entire symbol of the Freemasons are the working tools of the Black Egyptian Stonemasons. To the Black Egyptians only God as in but not limited too:
Amen Ra "the Hidden One",
Mut "the Mother Goddess",
Osiris "the King of Living",
Anubis "the Divine Embalmer",
Ra "The God of Sun and Radiance",
Horus "God of Vengeance", 
Thoth "God of Knowledge and Wisdom",
Hathor "Goddess of Motherhood",
Sekhmet "Goddess of War and Healing",
Geb "God of Earth" 

could of given them the power and vision to build the pyramids. The Black Egyptians relied on the knowledge of spirituality to help them mathematically. 

In other words spirituality, math and science were one to the mind of a Black Egyptian Stonemason, there's really no separating the three. The Black Egyptians were in tune with God way before Moses and the Hebrews discovered God. In fact Moses was learned or taught in all the magic, spirituality, mathematics and science of the Black Egyptians (Acts 7:22).

In the times of ancient Black Egypt i.e. Kemet, it was an honor to be a Stonemason. One could travel the world and build structures. The pay was good and the profession was noble. As centuries went on the profession of Black Egyptian Stonemasonry was taught to Greeks and eventually Hebrews. 

The father of Greek mathematics is Pythagoras; however, brother Pythagoras was initiated by ancient Black Egyptians into the temple of Amen Ra. The ancient Black Egyptians also taught him the secrets of spirituality, science, and geometry. Click below link:

Again, centuries went on and as they did many cultures and people were learning the skill of Stonemasonry as introduced to the world by the Black Egyptians. Hundreds of years passed and we see a famous king by the name of King Solomon hiring Stonemasons to build his temple. The man he contracted the job out to was a Black man named Hiram of Abiff (2 Kings 12:12).
Black Egyptian Stonemason and White Western Freemason.

The building of King Solomon's temple is a huge part of Freemasonry and has important meanings too deep for me to go into without violating several oaths. In short, Freemasonry is a speculative craft of the operative ancient Black Stonemasons of Egypt (Kemet). Without the Black Egyptian Stonemasons there could be no Freemasonry.  

When a person is initiated into Freemasonry he embarks on a life long journey of learning. There is no devil worship in real Freemasonry. Yes, I've heard of guys like Albert Pike; however, his views, books, etc., does not apply to all Freemasons. This is why the highest Masonic degree is the 3rd degree. 

"...All of the tools of Freemasonry were created and originated by the Black Stonemasons of ancient Egypt. Every single one!" 

I think the reason people leave Freemasonry is because they think they are about to become part of some Illuminati bullshit and do whatever they want to do. No sir! Not in the Masonic Order. There are rules, laws and regulations in the Masonic Order that are based in morality, integrity, courage and purpose.

This is why brothers' are told to square there actions. Sure, many esoteric scholars that happened to be Freemasons ended up mixing Freemasonry and the occult. Truth of the matter is Freemasonry draws heavily on the Bible. This is why medical doctors, lawyers, judges, teachers, etc., are Freemasons because it provides a brotherhood of tolerance and morality. 

In fact as a Freemason regardless if my neighbor is a Freemason or not...I can't sleep with my neighbor's wife. I can't steal from my neighbor. I can't rob my neighbor. Why? Because it puts a stain on the craft of Freemasonry. 

This is why supposedly only the best of men are chosen to be Freemasons! I say supposedly because I do know of several Grand Lodges that violate Masonic codes in initiating men of bad character for financial gain. 

The secret of Freemason is wrapped up in this: Love your neighbor as yourself. That's it! There are no secret books of black magic. There's no smoke filled rooms with men inside planning to take over the world. Actually, not all Masonic Grand Lodges and Grand Masters agree with each other so trying to orchestrate all the Freemasons in the world for world domination is simply impossible! 

The only thing Freemasonry is going to offer you is knowledge of ancient and modern mysteries. You'll also learn the history of various religions. You'll study stonemasonry. You'll also study arithmetic, geometry, music, astronomy, rhetoric, logic and grammar.  

No matter how many Masonic degrees you acquire you will not be required to worship the devil. That's some made up movie crap! Lastly please understand that Freemasonry and Luciferianism are not the same science and/or organization! Nor is Freemasonry connected to Satanism! They are very different organizations. 

If anyone tells you - you have to worship the devil to become a Freemason please run from that person. That person is a fake Freemason trying to take advantage of you! 

written by:
jim allen