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Gilbert Arenas, former NBA All-star, just can't seem to stop fascinating over the skin color of Lupita Nyong'o. Sad part of it all is his fascination isn't out of love or lust, but rather plantation self-hate. 

The comments Gilbert Arenas have made about Lupita's skin color is utterly disgusting. Black men like Gilbert Arenas are the main reasons why dark skin women throughout the Black diaspora use skin bleaching agents. 

Gilbert Arenas has conjured up a taboo subject among African Americans as it relates to skin color. Arenas isn't the only idiot who thinks Black skin isn't attractive. There are countless Black men who would rather prefer a light or brown skin woman over a dark skin woman. The reality is African America men marry outside of their race at an almost double rate than African American women.

"...listen, I don't give a rat's ass who someone screws or marry. The point is you don't have to put people down simply because their not your sexual, physical, or mental type!"

Earlier in the post I stated Gilbert Arenas fascination for Lupita Nyong'o was out of plantation allow me to double down on that. On the plantation there was the field hand and the house hand both were slaves. The house hand was often (not always) the byproduct of the white slave master having illicit sex with an African American female slave. The house hand was accepted by the slave master simply because of his/her skin color. 

As decades went on, African Americans began to internalize various things, concepts, and ideas given to them by white slave owners. In essence this diabolical action created self-hate, low self-esteem, and an unconsciousness that Black was ugly! 

It is because of the aforementioned people like James Brown, Elijah Muhammad, Malcolm X (El Hajj Malik El Shabazz), Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, Rev. Dr. Jesse L. Jackson Sr., and countless others began teaching BLACK NATIONALISM in the sense of "Say it loud, I'm Black and I'm proud", "Yes I'm Black, I'm Black and beautiful!"


It was the late, great Big Bill Broonzy who made a song about skin color. It's unfortunate many Black sororities and fraternities also internalized skin color and didn't allow certain people in because of it. Click below link:  

As a child of the 1970's, I to had personal issues about my skin color. Growing up, especially through the New Jack Swing era, many of the guys who were considered fine were light or dark skinned. 

Then came the Jordan era of "Tall DARK and handsome". I mean...the brown skinned guys like myself never had an era where women lusted after us simply because of our hue. Dude, I hated being brown skinned. I wanted to be either light or dark skinned. LOL! 

Basically, I was unconsciously brainwashed by a MKUltra system rooted in 246 years of African American slavery and an additional 100 years of legal segregation i.e. Jim Crow that dictated to me what beauty was. 

"...It wasn't until college that I began to 
accept and love my brown skin!" 

I think people like Gilbert Arenas, especially rich ball players, are surrounded by men and women who aren't Black, such as sports announcers, sports reports, damn near all white cheerleaders at every stadium at damn near every game. 

These Black men predominantly see "WHITE SUCCESS" because it's all around them within their profession. The only Black success they see are their fellow ball players.

What happens is they become products of their environment. Again, being in a relationship and/or marrying someone outside of one's skin color isn't a sin or a crime. I'm all for it. However, I'm not for putting down someone of ones racial makeup. That's self-hate! That's dumb nigga shit! 

At the end of the day there's really no excuse for the fuckery we see coming from Gilbert Arenas. The brother needs a serious reality check as it relates to Black History. 

Don't get me wrong, I admired Gilbert Arenas as a basketball player. The brother was really good. Then he started doing stupid things that made me question his sanity...stupid things like bringing a gun to NBA games of which he received a felony charge.

I sincerely hope Gilbert gets his mind right. I sincerely hope he apologizes to Lupita Nyong'o and all dark skin Black women across the globe! Until then, yo' Gilbert...I dedicate this song to you. Please click below video. 

Written By:
Jim Allen