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In Defense of Dr. Umar Johnson


Please view the above video then read my comments. In short I really don't give a rat's ass if Umar Johnson has 6 degrees and/or a doctorate in philosophy. The brother is doing some major things for Black/African people. No, I do not agree with everything Dr. Johnson says or does but I do think his intentions to help Black/African people are real. 

As over 11 MINUTES into the video elapse all you hear are challenges relative to Dr. Umar Johnson's educational claims and character. His claims of being a blood relative to the great Frederick Douglass is also questioned by the host Roland Martin. 

Let's call this whole interview for what it was, it was an attempt to discredit Dr. Umar Johnson. It was an attempt to embarrass him. It was the Black-boule Talented Tenth saying to Umar Johnson "Motherfucker we can't allow you to wake up the conscious minds of Black people because then they'll see we've been screwing them all along!" 

Here's my thing, whether Umar has a doctorate from some American university or from the University of Osmosis, I really don't give a flying fuck! Do I think Umar Johnson mismanaged GoFundMe funds? Maybe so, but so have our pastors and politicians mismanaged funds. Shit, just about every Black fraternity, sorority, church and organization has mismanaged funds. That's the collateral damage of institutions and organizations. Doesn't mean I agree with the mismanagement of funds, but it does mean I know shit happens.

The brother in the video Eugene Craig III, is so lost as it relates to American politics and history to the degree he shouldn't of been on the panel. He was a lightweight at best. When he called himself an American all I could think of were all the so called Black Americans who've been killed on camera by White American police officers. Bro, if you were truly American, your black ass would be treated as such. His points were baseless and solely dependent on what the White man has done for Black people, instead of what Black people have done for America. Eugene fails to understand it wasn't us marching, praying to White Jesus, and singing we shall overcome that freed us! It was us taking pride in being Black that freed us from institutional oppression under the United States government. In other words when Black folks began to identify with self and Black nationalism as displayed by the Black Panthers and others, is when America knew she had to get her shit together because Black folks wasn't taking it no mo'!

"...oftentimes American patriotism is 
synonymous with White superiority!" 

The sister with the jheri curl i.e. Lauren Victoria Burke had a serious hard on. She was disrespectful and was clearly planted on the panel to discredit Dr. Umar Johnson. She really had nothing to contribute besides dumbness, arrogance and talking over Dr. Umar Johnson, Roland Martin and the other guests on the panel. Again, I don't knock interracial marriage. I don't care who anyone decides to suck, fuck or love be it heterosexual or homosexual! However that doesn't take away the fact that in America an interracial child is still viewed as a nigger! Studies have shown interracial children suffer trauma relative to racism from both Whites and Blacks. They also struggle with self identification. 

One of the problems when dealing with racism in America as it relates to Black/African American slavery and Jim Crow is we fail to understand how to divide the blame. What I mean by that is not all White folks supported slavery and/or legal segregation. It was the American government through laws that supported and upheld African American slavery and legal segregation i.e. Jim Crow! White racists' were and are only pawns to an institution and system bent on keeping Black/African Americans as three-fifths or third-world type refugees who in theory (on paper) are considered citizens, but pragmatically (in reality) are not full citizens, thus they murder us on camera and not a got damn thing is done about it!

I have to give credit to A. Scott Bolden. He's the older gentleman on the panel who at least came to have serious dialogue. He actually agreed with Dr. Umar Johnson a few times. That brother was articulating some good points but couldn't get his words out because the other two guest panelists were talking over him and being belligerent.  

The reality is this...whenever you step up as a Black man to help Black people you can for sure expect to be challenged, criticized and discredited by Black people. It's called POST TRAUMATIC SLAVE DISORDER. Black folks hate to see other Blacks making moves or being successful. 

"...Who are the Talented Tenth? In short they are a group of educated and initiated Black wo/men who style themselves as Black leaders in politics, media, government, education and religion. However, they are not for the Black poor or the Black uneducated. They are only for themselves and those whom are members of their fraternities and sororities. W.E.B. Du Bois was once part of the Talented Tenth, but as he got older he denounced the Talented Tenth!" View W.E.B. Du Bois words about the Talented Tenth by clicking the below link:

Dr. Umar Johnson has to realize he's a target and is top of the list of the Black-boule Talented Tenth. They hate everything about him and will continue to smear that brother every chance they get! Once Dr. Johnson realizes that every brother isn't a brother is when he'll be even more dangerous to the White controlled Black-boule Talented Tenth.  

written by: jim allen