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Meet Chicago's $38 MILLION DOLLAR MAN!

Mark Wallace 

What happens when one man decides to take on one of the strongest political systems in America? What happens when one man comes up with a brilliant strategy to fight thwarts a system that was financially abusing its citizens? What happens when one man uses his resources to unite citizens from all over Chicago to fight against illegal red-light speed cameras that were gouging citizens of millions of dollars?! 

That one man is Mark Wallace. 

For years Mark Wallace fought against a corrupt red-light speed camera system in Chicago. Many who started out with him gave up. Many said his fight was impossible. Many doubted he'd even receive news coverage. That didn't stop brother Mark Wallace. He kept fighting. He kept organizing. He kept pressuring the powers that be in Chicago.  

Mark Wallace was meeting with Chicagoans all over the city. At churches. In the streets. At City Hall. He used his voice on WVON 1690AM to reach thousands of Chicagoans. All his hard work paid off! Mark Wallace along with his coalition of which he serves as executive director (Citizens to Abolish Red-Light Cameras) won. 
Thank you Mark Wallace for organizing citizens, activists, pastors, ministers, and lawyers to fight for Chicago! Thank you for bringing back over $38.75 MILLION DOLLARS to the citizens of Chicago. Thank you for forcing the city of Chicago to settle the lawsuit and give millions of dollars back to Chicagoans! Mark Wallace, you simply rock! 

Click below links to see the City of Chicago $38.75 million dollar settlement:

Listen to Mark Wallace on WVON 1690AM (Monday - Friday) starting at 9PM! You can also tune in through iHeart Radio!

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written by: jim allen