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Meet Chicago's Celebrity Photographer!

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A photographer is someone who knows how to capture the moment. A photographer is someone who knows how to make a moment real even though it's in photo form. 

An expert photographer knows how to turn pictures into art. That's the true craft of an amazing photographer. Yes, Chicago is filled with photographers; however, there are some that standout above the rest.

...see, it's more than just photography, but it's also being able to work any room and/or surrounding you're in. It's being able to capture people off guard in their authentic selves sharing a laugh or toasting with a glass of wine. 

It's also being able to deliver a quality product in a timely fashion. The aforementioned are all the characteristics of celebrity photographer Melanie L. Brown. 

For years I've personally watched Melanie cover some of the biggest names in Hollywood, Politics, Religion and Entertainment. Melanie is highly skilled and well respected among stars and her peers. She's one of the most sought after photographers in the business. She's worked with The Word Network, ABC News, Rainbow Push Coalition, Rollingout Magazine, AAHH Fest, Hip Hop Summer Fest, and many others!  

Melanie L. Brown is an alumni of Hyde Park High School, Roosevelt University and Ellis College of NYIT. 

What makes her so great is the fact at any given moment she'll be covering a red carpet event, then days later she'll be working at an engagement or wedding event for an average couple. Her versatility and flexibility is remarkable. Her humble spirit keeps her respectfully approachable.

Chicago is blessed to have Melanie L. Brown here to capture the moments of our lives. She's truly an amazing celebrity and bright star! To book Melanie and/or follow her on social media please click below links:

written by: jim allen