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Meet Chicago's Financial GURU!

Jacob Akpan, MBA, MAFM

One of the most important things in our lives is finance. According to Black Enterprise Magazine, African American spending power is $1.3 trillion in 2017. This means African Americans alone has an economy that could further elevate the 42 million African Americans living in the United States of America. One of the problems with African Americans and Americans in general is we fail to save our money. We also fail to financially plan for the future.

This is where someone with expertise on worldwide financial markets and currency comes in. This is where men like Jacob Akpan is highly sought after. The average person does not understand the language of accounting, finance and economics. The average person doesn't know where to start as it relates to saving for the future outside of 401K. 

Jacob knows how to break down finance, accounting, economics and investments in a way that's easy for novices like you and me to understand. His business acumen is second to none. His experience is topnotch. His teaching relative to the aforementioned is profound yet easy to understand. Jacob is top of the food chain as it relates to leadership in Chicago's economic circles.

Mr. Akpan is a professor at National Lewis University, Howell Washington College, and Robert Morris University. He also provides online resources full of learning videos related to accounting, finance and business principals. 

He speaks at conferences and private events relative to the aforementioned. Jacob Akpan is dedicated to helping individuals, groups and businesses financially succeed. 

"...Jacob is Chicago's financial guru for many reasons, but mainly because he shares his wealth of knowledge with anyone willing to listen!"

If you desire Jacob Akpan to speak at your events or organization, please contact him by clicking below links:

 written by: jim allen