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Meet Chicago's Magic JUAN!

Chicago is one of the most competitive cities in America as it relates to leadership on all levels. In many cases Chicago has too many people duplicating the same programs, organizations, movements, etc. To succeed in Chicago one must be prepared to endure a rigorous physical and mental course of believability.

In other words, Chicago is a "I'll believe it when I see it" type of city. Chicago is a hardcore city where one must grind in order to make it. One must be consistent. One must be the ever professional in the city that works. Chicago is for sure a show and tell type of city. If you're not sincere, genuine or real, you will be rejected in Chicago as a fraud. 

"...Chicago is a city of cliques, crews, groups...Chicago is very tribal. Only few have been able to walk in all circles in Chicago from the streets to the suites. One of those special people is Juan Teague!" 

Juan Teague is one of the most important people in Chicago and indeed the state of Illinois. She's well respected among her peers as well as leaders from all walks of life: Religious, business, social, intellectual, etc. I call her "Magic Juan" because everything she touches turn to platinum, gold, diamonds and pearls. 

Juan Teague is for sure one of the top "Who's Who" media personalities and celebrities in Chicago. She's been featured on various radio and news media outlets including but not limited to WVON1690AM, Chicago Defender Newspaper, Rollingout to name a few.

"Juan Teague is known by so many Hollywood stars, the list is too long to name. She's for sure someone you should know!" 

Juan continues to inspire thousands in Chicago and the state of Illinois. She's a frequent panelist at various panel discussions be it public, private or corporate.

She's received numerous community awards including the prestigious "Vanguard Award" presented by Chicago Minority Supplier Development Council in partnership with the Chicago Defender. 

I have an educational connection to Juan Teague. We're both alumni of the one only George W. Collins High School. Juan Teague also attended the University of Iowa. 
LEFT TO RIGHT: Maya Angelou, Common, Juan Teague

She's the director at Juan and Only Events. Her past experience includes director at Sheraton Gateway Suites O'hare and Hard Rock Hotel Chicago.

Her corporate experience is what makes her events an experience. A typical Juan Teague event is top notch with a splash of excellence. Juan Teague and her organization Juan and Only Events are known for creating memorable events. She's highly sought after by Hollywood stars corporations and locals looking to host an incredible event that will be talked about for years to come. 

What's so remarkable about Juan Teague is although she's known throughout Chicago, the state of Illinois and Hollywood, you can yet catch her at the high school reunion singing and dancing with ordinary people. 

It is for the aforementioned Juan Teague is magically. She's a Black girl that rocks. Thank you Juan Teague for all you do...also a special thank you for planning and organizing some of the best George W. Collins High School events, trips, cruises ever! 

If you're looking for someone to plan your next high-end event, I highly suggest you contact Juan Teague! Also follow her by clicking the below links:

Written By: Jim Allen