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Men: Go See Girls Trip Movie!

Me and my wifey went to see Girls Trip the movie. In fact I'm the one who urged us to see it, of course she wanted to see it as well. I wanted to see the movie because I wanted to delve into the minds of Black women relative to how they view friendships, sex, love and relationships. me! I wasn't disappointed. Girls Trip movie was amazing and eye opening. The movie gives a great glimpse of Black excellence, intelligence and some ratchetness. LOL! All of the stars of the movie Girls Trip did a wonderful job. 

"...there's no male bashing in the movie! Just straight up raw, funny, cool, sexy truth! 

Men should support the movie for several reasons. Not often do we get the chance to see the inner thoughts and lives of Black women on the silver screen. Not often are Black women viewed as capable enough to hold their on in a big movie. 

Girls Trip made over $30 million dollars in its first weekend at the box office, which doubled expectations of the success of the movie.

I'm humbly asking all male Greek Letter Organizations as well as Masonic Organizations to organize brothers nationally to support Girls Trip movie. I'm humbly asking all men, especially Black men in particular to support and see Girls Trip movie. Trust me, you'll enjoy the can thank me later! 

* Big ups and mad props to my fellow West Side of Chicago brother Larenz Tate! You did your thing in this movie! True West Sider to the bone...they fail to realize we might be a lil thuggish, but we're also intelligent, sensitive and kind. Much love my brother. 

-Jim Allen