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Pastor Fred Price Jr. (SCANDAL)

Click and listen above as Pastor Fred K. Price Jr steps down as pastor. He never states what he actually did. Was it an affair with a woman? Was it an affair with a man? Was he stealing church funds? Really disappointing how many of these pastors are falling into the same sins they preach so hard against. How can a person be forgiven when no one knows what s/he actually done?  

At the end of the day Fred Price Jr was simply too damn young to be pastoring a supposedly 28,000 member church. That in itself was a recipe for disaster. He's simply too young and too inexperienced as it relates to spiritual warfare and the lust of the eyes, flesh...pride of life. 

"...I understand his father Apostle Frederick K.C. Price pushed his son into the spotlight, but his son wasn't ready!" 

In a sense I blame the fall of Fred K. Price Jr on his father. Even now when you go to the Church's website and click on leadership it's just Fred K.C. Price Sr and his wife as leaders. I mean, shouldn't other people be in leadership roles there as well? Shouldn't those people also be on the website? 
Pastor Fred K. Price Jr

All these family led ministries are simply beginning to fall and fail because the church was never meant to be passed down from fathers' to their son's. 

"...real talk, I knew Fred Jr was a hypocrite. I use to listen to him preach and think to myself this silver spoon mouth guy doesn't have a clue what's he's talking about!" 

At some point Fred K. Price Jr is going to have to come clean with what he actually did. This whole code of silence among preachers isn't going to work in 2017! I don't wish any bad on preachers like pastor Fred K. Price Jr. I just wish they would be less holier-than-thou and more real about life. 

Like dude, stop preaching about stuff you know you're not living. Stop misguiding the people. Stop preaching against homosexuality and you're secretly getting blow jobs from gay men. Just stop it bruh! All preachers' need to stop preaching hypocritical sermons.

Crenshaw Christian Center Faith Dome

written by:
jim allen